Why Does Pre Workout Taste So Bad? (Explained)

Why Does Pre Workout Taste So Bad? (Explained)

Why Does Pre Exercise Style So Unhealthy? (Defined)

Whereas pre exercise is liked by many individuals, it has a notoriously dangerous style.

Right here’s why pre exercise tastes dangerous:

Pre exercise tastes dangerous due to the BCAAs, creatine and caffeine. Every of those are very bitter which provides pre exercise its disagreeable style. The unreal flavors go away a chemical style in your mouth too.

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On this article, we cowl which components trigger pre exercise to style dangerous, whether or not all pre exercises style dangerous, what to do in case your pre exercise tastes dangerous, and way more!

Which Substances In Pre Exercise Style Unhealthy?


Creatine is a pure compound that’s present in pink meat and fish.

It’s added to many pre exercises because it helps your muscle groups squeeze a couple of extra reps throughout every set.

Now, in the event you’ve ever tried unflavored creatine, you’ll know simply how bitter and ugly it may be to drink.

So in case your pre exercise has a bitter style to it, then you possibly can partly thank the creatine.

Synthetic Flavors

Many pre exercises are bought in weird flavors like tangy watermelon.

To create these distinctive flavors, the pre exercise producers add a ton of synthetic flavors.

However in the event you’re something like me, these synthetic flavors have such an unnatural chemical style that they make you need to gag!


Caffeine is the preferred drug on this planet.

Most pre exercises embody a ton of caffeine because it helps enhance focus, vitality and fats loss.

The most typical type of caffeine that’s added to pre exercise is known as caffeine anhydrous.

It’s primarily dehydrated caffeine, and it has a very bitter style.


BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) are the three important amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine.

They’re generally added to pre exercise as they may also help cut back fatigue.

However sadly, BCAAs even have an especially bitter style.

What Does Pre Exercise Style Like?

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Properly, it is determined by the flavour of your pre exercise!

That stated, most pre exercises have an unnatural chemical and bitter style.

Pre exercise is pretty candy too, because it has loads of synthetic sweeteners added to try to masks the bitter style.

Ought to Pre Exercise Style Unhealthy?

In case your pre exercise incorporates BCAAs, caffeine and creatine, then it ought to have an disagreeable bitter-sweet style.

If not? Then the pre exercise model could also be mendacity to you. 😉

Do All Pre Exercises Style Unhealthy?

Quick reply, no!

In case your pre exercise is free from BCAAs, creatine and caffeine, then chances are high it received’t have that notorious bitter style.

The good information is that pre exercises free from these components are likely to have pure flavors and sweeteners too, so that you received’t get that nasty chemical style.

How To Make Pre Exercise Style Higher

Put It In A Smoothie

An superior means to enhance the style of your pre exercise is so as to add it to a smoothie.

By doing so, not solely will it style higher however you’ll get some further pre exercise diet!

Whereas there are lots of epic pre exercise smoothies on the market, certainly one of my favorites is known as the Strawberry & Lime Supreme as beneath:


  • ½ cup of two% milk
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of lime juice
  • 1 cup of strawberry yoghurt
  • 2 cups of frozen strawberries
  • 1 serving of strawberry taste pre exercise


Add all of the components to a blender, then course of till easy.

Combine Two Completely different Pre Exercises

Let’s say you’ve simply purchased some lime flavored pre exercise, and it’s offending your style buds.

Then why not strive mixing it with one other flavored pre exercise, like strawberry?

In any case, somethings are simply meant to be collectively…

Lime and strawberry.

Waffles and ice cream.

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Motion pictures and popcorn.

You get the image!

What Ought to You Do If Your Pre Exercise Tastes Unhealthy

Maintain Your Nostril Whereas Consuming It

Do you know that your sense of odor is liable for 80% of what you style?

Yep, it’s true.

The excellent news is that we are able to use this scientific truth in our favor, when consuming nasty tasting drinks like pre exercise.

All it’s important to do is maintain your nostril whereas ingesting!

Make Your Personal Pre Exercise

In easy phrases, pre exercise is a bunch of particular person components blended collectively.

Fortunately, you should purchase every of those components individually in order that it’s tremendous straightforward to make your personal pre exercise.

Why would I need to make my very own pre exercise? I hear you ask.

Properly, one motive is that store purchased pre exercise is pretty costly.

So by making it your self, it can save you a heck of some huge cash.

One more reason that’s extra related to this text is you can management the components.

This implies you can also make a pre exercise with out all of the nasty tasting components!

Use Much less Mixer To Drink It Faster

What’s higher than 5 mouthfuls of nasty tasting pre exercise?

2 mouthfuls of nasty tasting pre exercise.

By utilizing much less water to combine your pre exercise, you possibly can drink it faster, so that you don’t should style it as a lot.

Purchase A Completely different One

The final probability saloon possibility…

In case your pre exercise actually tastes that dangerous, you then would possibly simply need to CTRL + Z and purchase a brand new one.

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