What to do if people stare because you look different

What to do if people stare because you look different

What to do if individuals stare since you look totally different

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  • Why do individuals stare at me?
  • Some tips about what you are able to do when individuals stare

There’s a distinction between individuals once we meet them, and staring. If in case you have seen distinction, you may need seen individuals looking at you. This may be tough and upsetting.

On this web page, we discover why individuals stare and what you are able to do that can assist you address it.

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It’s high-quality to look as a result of I do know I look totally different, however please don’t carry on staring; come and ask me when you actually need to know why I look the way in which I do.


Why do individuals stare at me?

Folks usually stare out of curiosity. We’re all curious once we see one thing new or somebody totally different. Though it could actually make us really feel uncomfortable, individuals usually do that accidentally, with out which means to.

Not everybody may have met or seen somebody who has a visual distinction earlier than. This may make them take a look at you for longer than regular.

Try to consider a time if you met somebody and have been shocked by the way in which they regarded. Did you take a look at them for longer? This doesn’t make it OK for different individuals to stare at you, however it could actually assist you perceive that normally individuals aren’t attempting to be horrible, impolite or harm your emotions.

Some tips about what you are able to do when individuals stare

Assist them to understand they’re staring

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Listed below are some methods you’ll be able to let individuals know that they’re staring – and that you recognize about it:

  • Have a look at the particular person and smile. Most individuals will smile again after which look away.
  • If the particular person retains staring, look again at them and lift your eyebrows or tilt your head.
  • Should you really feel OK about it, you can say one thing. Attempt speaking to them about one thing else.

It would really feel a bit humorous at first, however it could actually assist to practise. Attempt it out within the mirror – or check it out in your family and friends.

Tyrol was within the lunch queue in school when he seen the boy behind him looking at his face. He rotated and stated, “Urgh, mushy peas once more. Good factor Wednesday solely comes as soon as per week.” “Yeah,” stated the opposite boy, “Sludgy, gloopy peas.” They each laughed.

Present you’re sad if the staring carries on

If the staring carries on and is making you sad, you can frown on the different particular person in order that they know you might be upset.

Select to disregard staring

You would possibly discover somebody looking at you and determine to disregard it. That is OK too. It may be higher to do that when you don’t really feel snug saying one thing or making eye contact. Ignoring staring doesn’t imply you’re letting the particular person get away with it. It’s your energy to determine what to do.

On the bus individuals would stare at me however I didn’t take a look at them as a result of I didn’t need to say something on the bus and have an argument. So I selected to disregard the staring and finally it will cease.


Transfer away

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You would possibly determine to maneuver away from the particular person looking at you when you really feel uncomfortable – for instance, by altering seats. This may occasionally make the particular person realise that they’ve made you’re feeling uncomfortable. Hopefully it is going to cease them doing it once more in future.

Reassure your self

It might generally assist to say issues to your self that assist you really feel higher. The luxurious identify for that is “constructive self-talk”.

You will see that your individual sentences to say, however listed here are some examples of stuff you would possibly say to your self:

  • “They’re simply curious.”
  • “Possibly they’ve by no means seen somebody who seems like me earlier than.”
  • “They could be too nervous to ask me a query.”
  • “I do know they’re staring however I’m going to decide on to consider one thing else.”
  • “Staring is impolite and I don’t want to speak to somebody who’s being impolite.”
  • “I’m greater than how I look.”

I’ve determined to not cowl up my birthmark as a lot as a result of on the finish of the day that’s how I look and it’s who I’m. I don’t actually see why I ought to change myself for different individuals – in the event that they stare it’s their drawback not mine.


Attempt a phrase or a motto to say to your self. For instance, “I’m OK,” “I’m particular,” or “I’ve a lot of constructive issues about me”. You could possibly additionally remind your self of one thing you might be good at. Check out our confidence instruments for extra methods of constructing your confidence.

Put together your response

It might assist to consider stuff you would possibly do or say if somebody stares at you. That approach, you’ll really feel prepared if it occurs.

Take a look at our instruments for dealing with different individuals’s reactions for some strategies you’ll be able to be taught so that you’re properly ready for individuals staring.

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