Turn Your Horse Into A Unicorn! (How to Attach Your Unicorn Horn)

Turn Your Horse Into A Unicorn! (How to Attach Your Unicorn Horn)

Flip Your Horse Into A Unicorn! (Easy methods to Connect Your Unicorn Horn)

Right here at Circus Unicorn, we’re perfecting the artwork of remodeling your horse right into a magical unicorn! On this submit, we’re going to take a look at the choices for attaching your unicorn horn, with or with out a halter!

Step One: Buy your unicorn horn!

For those who don’t have already got a unicorn horn on your horse, head on over to Circus Unicorn Store to pick the right horn. We provide customized colours with attachment ribbons to match the colour of your horse, pony, or miniature horse! We additionally supply Unicorn Starter Kits, which embody your customized unicorn horn with mane and tail clip in equipment to match!

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Step Two: Asking Your Horse’s Permission 🙂

We’ve labored with fairly a number of unicorn fashions at this level, and I’ve to say I haven’t encountered a horse but who didn’t like displaying off as a unicorn! Nonetheless, a few of them require just a little extra reassuring than others in the case of placing on the horn for the primary time.

That is my boy Marengo – after all he was my first unicorn mannequin ever. He helped me dial within the design and placement of the horns throughout our product improvement.

Marengo is an Andalusian/Arabian with the behavior of snorting and rearing at any time when an unapproved object enters his “bubble.” Once I first lifted a unicorn horn to his head, he flew throughout the paddock like I used to be attempting to kill him (Arabians… sigh.)

Nonetheless, after he had a second to look and sniff and decide that the unicorn horn was NOT a medieval torture machine, he allowed me to connect it with minimal fuss.

A couple of suggestions:

-At all times enable your horse to see and sniff the horn earlier than trying to connect it. These are shiny and sometimes brightly coloured, and it will likely be pure on your horse to draw back from it if caught off guard. As soon as your horse has had an opportunity to see it, ask them to “contact it”. Simply maintain it in entrance of their nostril at a brief distance till they shut the hole and contact it with their nostril. As soon as they’ve calmly touched it, stroke their neck whereas holding it in your hand.

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-Don’t connect the horn whereas your horse is tied/cross tied. Your horse might really feel restricted and trigger a harmful scenario. As an alternative, have a buddy maintain your horse’s lead rope, to allow them to again up safely if wanted.

-Carry the horn as much as their head precisely such as you would with their halter or bridle. I stand on the throatlatch with my proper arm draped over my horse’s ballot to encourage the top to remain down.

-If at any level your horse will get harassed, take a step again and permit them to see, sniff, and contact the horn once more. Constructive reinforcement like pets, reward, and treats by no means damage! We at all times need the unicorn expertise to be a optimistic one on your horse or pony.

Possibility 1: Connect Your Unicorn Horn with a Halter or Bridle

Our unicorn horn ribbon attachments supply the flexibleness to connect with or with out a halter or bridle in your horse. First, we’ll check out how one can connect your unicorn horn with a halter or bridle.

You’ll discover that your unicorn horns has two units of ribbons. The longer ribbons connect on the cheekpieces or decrease crownpiece of your halter or bridle, whereas the shorter ribbons connect on the higher crownpiece (in between the ears).

Begin by inserting the unicorn horn in your required location. Unicorn horns often look finest when positioned above eye degree on the horse’s brow, just under the bottom of the forelock.

Take the longer ribbons and wrap across the sides of your horse’s halter, as pictured. You’ll be able to tie these on to the halter, or you’ll be able to wrap them across the halter and tie them again to one another. We favor to make use of easy bow knots for straightforward removing.

Now, take the shorter ribbons and produce them on both facet of your horse’s forelock. Wrap the ribbons across the crownpiece of your halter/bridle and safe with a bow knot.

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For horse’s with lengthy or thick forelocks, we love to separate the forelock on both facet of the unicorn horn. This additionally helps conceal your attachment ribbons.

You’ll discover that the attachment ribbons have some stretch, so you’ll be able to simply reposition the horn as wanted.

Possibility 2: Attaching Your Unicorn Horn with out a Halter/Bridle

For this methodology, you will want to braid a small piece of mane on the very prime behind your horse’s ears.

Place your unicorn horn beneath the bottom of the forelock as described in Possibility 1. Then, take the longer attachment ribbons and tie them round your horse’s throatlatch in a easy bow knot.

Now, take the shorter ribbons and pull one ribbon by way of the highest of the small braid that you simply simply made on the prime of your horse’s mane. Safe ribbons in a easy bow knot.

  • Lengthy ribbons tie beneath throatlatch – easy bow knot.
  • Quick ribbons connect to small braid in mane. Bow is tied massive on this photograph for the sake of visibility, however you too can tie this fairly small, trim the surplus ribbon, and conceal it within the mane.
Attaching your unicorn horn bridleless.

There you could have it – a unicorn at liberty!

Observe: we at all times ship unicorn horns with ribbon attachments which might be a bit on the lengthy facet to be sure you have sufficient ribbon to connect to any measurement of horse. For those who discover your ribbons are too lengthy, they are often simply trimmed with sharp scissors!

Gitano, unicorn mannequin owned by Tonya Skinner

Please tell us when you’ve got any questions in any respect! We additionally like to characteristic unicorns on our web site, weblog, and Instagram, so ship us a photograph if you want to be featured together with your unicorn!

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