Top 3 Best NBA 2K22 Finisher Build – 2 Way Finisher, Glass Cleaning Finisher & Facilitating Finisher in 2K22

Top 3 Best NBA 2K22 Finisher Build – 2 Way Finisher, Glass Cleaning Finisher & Facilitating Finisher in 2K22

High 3 Finest NBA 2K22 Finisher Construct – 2 Means Finisher, Glass Cleansing Finisher & Facilitating Finisher in 2K22

How are you going to construct an unstoppable MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22? Quite a lot of prospects you may create, learn how to set the potential and seize some highly effective badges? Listed below are the highest 3 greatest NBA 2K22 finisher builds, together with 2 approach finisher, glass cleansing finisher, facilitating finisher builds, and badges in 2K22.

nba 2k22 finisher build

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High 3 NBA 2K22 Finest Finisher Construct

1. 2 Means Finisher Construct 2K22 & Badges

The primary one is the perfect two-way finisher construct in NBA 2K22 current-gen by HeyShowtime, the unit of measurement utilized on this construct is the metric system. All you’re doing goes again door for lobs or passes to dunk the ball, leaking on a quick break to dunk the ball, and getting stops, that’s your solely three jobs, and that’s what this construct will allow you to do on the highest degree.


For the place, you wish to go together with the capturing guard, that is the brand new top-notch place and the perfect place for all lockdown builds.

Talent Breakdown

Select the pie chart with the crimson (DEF/REB) half, you will play the perfect protection within the sport as a lockdown.

Bodily Profile

You wish to go together with the all pace one. Should you’re taking part in comp stage, park stage anyplace you’ll run into new meta guard builds who’re six foot one with tight handles and they’re zigzagging and it is vitally arduous to stay these individuals, so if you wish to sustain with them, you want probably the most quantity of pace assured attainable on a lockdown construct, and the all agility goes to grant you that.


When setting your potential attributes, a very powerful a part of this finisher construct is protection/rebounding, max out all the pieces besides the inside protection, you don’t want inside protection, that is going to grant us the 30 defensive badges. With the capturing, you wish to max out your 3pt, mid-range, and free throw, deliver your submit fade up till you get 5 capturing badges. This construct will get no playmaking otherwise you get one playmaking badge and no playmaking stats, the reason is so is that this construct just isn’t right here to dribble, you’re not even to cross the ball, you’re right here to get stops, play protection, get blocks or get chased downs. For ending, wish to max out your driving dunk, driving layup, shut shot, and convey your standing dunk could also be down to love a 70 and you should have 12 ending badges, that’s all you want.

– Ending: Shut Shot – 84, Driving Layup – 80, Driving Dunk – 86, Standing Dunk – 70, Submit Hook – 30

– Taking pictures: Mid-Vary Shot – 67, Three-Level Shot – 56, Free Throw – 80, Submit Fade – 59

– Playmaking: Go Accuracy – 40, Ball Deal with – 40, Submit Management – 29

– Protection/Rebounding: Inside Protection – 49, Perimeter Protection – 95, Lateral Quickness – 95, Steal – 95, Block – 63, Offensive Rebound – 76, Defensive Rebound – 80

Physique Settings

The peak you wish to go is 2.00m, you wish to go the minimal weight, that is going to offer us the max quantity of pace attainable. With the wingspan, you wish to max that out, the rationale why you at all times do that is that you’re going to get pluses in your defensive and ending the place it’s most vital.

– Physique Form: Burly

– Top: 2.00m

– Weight: 81kg

– Wingspan: 224cm

Takeover: Lockdown Defender

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– Protection/Rebounding badges: Clamps (HOF), Menace (HOF), Choose Dodger (HOF), Interceptor (HOF), Intimidator (HOF), Rim Protector (HOF), Choose Pocket (Gold), Field (Bronze), Chase Down Artist (Bronze), Rebound Chaser (Bronze)

– Ending badges: Quick Twitch (Gold), Mouse In The Home (Gold), Limitless Takeoff (Gold), Posterizer (Gold)

– Taking pictures badges: Catch & Shoot (Silver), Sniper (Silver), Nook Specialist (Bronze)

– Playmaking badges: Unpluckable (Bronze)

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2. Glass Cleansing Finisher Construct 2K22 & Badges

This can be a glass cleansing finisher construct in NBA 2K22 current-gen, you’re going to have the ability to shoot nicely with this construct. The very first thing it’s worthwhile to do is change the measurement unit from imperial to metric.


For the place, you wish to go energy ahead, an important place for all of your heart builds.

Talent Breakdown

You could have two decisions of creating this construct. The primary one with plenty of crimson and somewhat little bit of blue, lets you get extra defensive badges. The second selection is the one with each plenty of crimson and blue, you will get Corridor of Fame ending badges.

Bodily Profile

It’s really useful to have the vertical one on your heart builds. Vertical going that will help you guys be capable to leap larger for rebounds dunk on individuals anytime.


For the ending, max all the pieces right here besides your driving layup, then you will wish to max out your 3PT. You possibly can shoot greens even with a 52 three-pointer, jumpshot and badge may help you.

– Ending: Shut Shot – 90, Driving Layup – 59, Driving Dunk – 88, Standing Dunk – 89, Submit Hook – 47

– Taking pictures: Mid-Vary Shot – 36, Three-Level Shot – 52, Free Throw – 54, Submit Fade – 43

– Playmaking: Go Accuracy – 67, Ball Deal with – 37, Submit Management – 71

– Protection/Rebounding: Inside Protection – 79, Perimeter Protection – 69, Lateral Quickness – 68, Steal – 70, Block – 83, Offensive Rebound – 83, Defensive Rebound – 83

Physique Setting

– Physique Form: Burly

– Top: 2.05m

– Weight: 85kg

– Wingspan: 230cm

Takeover: Glass Cleaner

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– Ending badges: Quick Twitch (HOF), Limitless Takeoff (HOF), Posterizer (HOF), Rise Up (HOF), Slithery Finisher (HOF), Lob Metropolis Finisher (Silver)

– Protection/Rebounding badges: Field (HOF), Brick Wall (HOF), Rebound Chaser (HOF), Rim Protector (HOF), Chase Down Artist (Gold), Interceptor (Silver), Intimidator (Silver)

– Playmaking badges: Fast First Step (Gold), Unpluckable (Gold), Bullet Passer (Silver), Bail Out (Bronze), Glue Arms (Bronze)

3. Facilitating Finisher Construct 2K22 & Badges

The final one is a facilitating finisher construct in 2K22 present gen by ThE Guide Of SwantE, it’s the greatest Ja Morant construct and Rebirth construct.


Make him a capturing guard.

Talent Breakdown

Select the pie chart with inexperienced and blue, you’re going to have the ability to get contact accomplished.

Bodily Profile

Right here we select all agility for pace.


– Ending: Shut Shot – 89, Driving Layup – 88, Driving Dunk – 78, Standing Dunk – 45, Submit Hook – 47

– Taking pictures: Mid-Vary Shot – 83, Three-Level Shot – 81, Free Throw – 88, Submit Fade – 59

– Playmaking: Go Accuracy – 78, Ball Deal with – 78, Submit Management – 66

– Protection/Rebounding: Inside Protection – 35, Perimeter Protection – 75, Lateral Quickness – 74, Steal – 80, Block – 28, Offensive Rebound – 29, Defensive Rebound – 62

Physique Settings

– Physique Form: Burly

– Top: 6’5”

– Weight: 179 lbs

– Wingspan: 86.0”

Takeover: Spot Up Shooter

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– Ending badges: Slithery Finisher (HOF), Posterizer (HOF), Limitless Takeoff (Gold), Fearless Finisher (Silver)

– Taking pictures badges: Blinders (HOF), Sniper (HOF), Scorching Zone Hunter (Gold), Deadeye (Silver), Cease & Pop (Silver), Chef (Bronze), Fortunate #7 (Bronze), Rhythm Shooter (Bronze)

– Playmaking badges: Handles for Days (Gold), Fast First Step (Gold), Cease & Go (Gold), Fast Chain (Silver), Bullet Passer (Silver), Hyperdrive (Silver), Bail Out (Bronze)

– Protection/Rebounding badges: Intimidator (Gold), Clamps (Bronze), Rim Protector (Bronze)

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