Tips For Making A Hidden-Tang Knife

Tips For Making A Hidden-Tang Knife

Suggestions For Making A Hidden-Tang Knife

Knifemaking tips

There are some things to watch out of when making a knife of hidden-tang development.

The Blade and Tang Each Have to be Straight

First, make it possible for your tang and blade are straight. If the tang is tapered, it should be evenly tapered on either side. The centerline of the tang should be straight to the centerline of the blade.

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If the tang is warped a bit to the proper or left of the blade, or erratically tapered, then you aren’t but prepared to suit both the guard or the deal with. Return to the forge or grinder and make your corrections to get issues straight proper from the beginning.

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A restricted quantity of “fudging” may be finished whereas gluing the deal with to compensate for a tang that isn’t 100% straight and heart. To repeat, for my part, it’s best to right issues proper from the beginning.

Becoming the Guard

After ensuring your tang shouldn’t be going off to the left or proper, go forward and suit your guard. Take your time! The guard should be at 90 levels from the center-line of the blade and tang, even in case you are making a knife with a slanted guard.

Attaching the Deal with

Now you can begin becoming your deal with. Match the deal with to each the guard and the tang as you usually do. In case you do that, the deal with will probably be straight to the blade.

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Most frequently I can’t reduce the deal with materials in half when making a hidden-tang knife. I’ll normally use a strong block of wooden or a bit of stag.

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First, I drill a few starter holes in the long run the place the tang will probably be inserted. The thickness of the drill bit will rely upon the thickness of the tang. I then file the outlet out to suit the tang.

It’s extra essential to suit the deal with materials to the correctly fitted guard than it’s to suit it tightly to the tang. This doesn’t imply that the match must be sloppy, simply that it’s not essential to make it that tight. In addition to, it’s essential to go away some room in between the tang and deal with for the glue to be efficient and have a robust bond.

With both of those strategies, if the blade and tang are straight and the guard is at 90 levels to the centerline of the blade and tang, then the deal with must comply with.

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