Tips for creating Warrior&x27s OC&x27s

Tips for creating Warrior&x27s OC&x27s

Suggestions for creating Warrior&x27s OC&x27s

Title is vital. When anyone appears to be like at your fanfiction/artwork, the very first thing they’re gonna discover is the cat’s identify. Warrior cats are often named after their fur coloration or different particulars involving their look (Dustpelt, Graystripe, Littlecloud, ect.), or named after one thing within the forest or creatures revered by the cats (Tigerclaw, Lionheart, Jayfeather). Earlier than you give your cat any very distinctive identify, take into consideration if a queen would really give her package that identify, and ensure it doesn’t sound awkward (my good friend named her OC Starkit, then it grew to become a clan chief named Starstar) Dreamcloud could sound like a very cool identify, however what queen would identify her package Dreamkit (easy is nice, like blackfur)? A lyrical, sparkly identify could make you look unprofessional, and that your character is boring (and wishes a great identify to look attention-grabbing), or like a Mary-Sue (shut up, Versicolorhorizons, no person likes you).

Look is essential. Give your OC a singular look that isn’t a replica of one other characters appears to be like, however bear in mind, these are simply regular forest cats with pure coloured pelts and no extremely distinctive markings.

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Give your cat their very own distinctive options. Tigerstars claws are epic, however the can shortly turn into overused. Give your OC one thing distinctive, corresponding to large ears. Preserve the 2 totally different coloured eyes factor to a minimal. It gained’t look cool if each OC has it.

Preserve it pure. Warriors doesn’t happen in some loopy fantasy world the place cats are purple and the solar is blue. Search for pure eye and fur coloration for cats, and silver can typically be mistaken for blue (therefore, Bluestar).

There are not any breeds. Not like housecats, feral cats is usually a combine of each type of home cat possible. Describe your cat as a totally, white tom as a substitute of a Burmese. Bear in mind, the cannon is about wild cats, not cat-wolf hybrids, your OC ought to be cat and solely cat (shut up, wolfaboos).

Character is critical. Give your cat their very own character totally different from that of different cats, and keep away from giving them a character that makes the seem like a Mary-Sue. Maybe she’s a little bit of a tyrant as a pacesetter, however has a mushy spot for kits, or possibly he acts critical across the clan chief, however has a wholly totally different character round his mates.

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Give your OC a sensible age for what they’re doing. The soldiers measure time in moons that are technically our months (12 moons = 1 yr). Cats don’t dwell that lengthy, so a ten yr (120 moons) warrior could be unrealistic.

Decide one clan and follow it. A warrior wouldn’t be allowed to hitch Thunder clan, then go away it for Shadow clan, turn into a rouge, then re-join Thunder clan. Select one clan and follow it. Study all of the clans earlier than you select one. You gained’t discover an ideal hunter in Shadow clan. Attempt to hold fan-made clans to a minimal, and should you determine to make a clan, have it’s small and hidden from the others.

Equipment aren’t nearly as good as you assume. Scrounge’s collar could look cool, however he has a motive for having it. Should you give your OC equipment (which I don’t advocate), have it make sense. A cat born into Thunder clan wouldn’t have a collar.

Simply because a job is cool, doesn’t imply your character has to have it. I do know so lots of you’ll be able to’t wait to make your cat clan chief, and that’s okay so long as you ease into it. Or chances are you’ll wish to simply have your OC be a median warrior. However bear in mind, solely females who’re pregnant/nursing kits might be queens, cats ought to be no less than 8 moons outdated earlier than changing into warriors, and a medication cat changing into a clan chief could be unrealistic. The deputy would take the place of the clan chief if one thing had been to occur to them, so your OC wouldn’t out of the blue make the bounce from warrior to clan chief in a day (a really younger clan chief could be illogical).

Each power and weak spot is required. Your OC must have some flaw, and abilities. It doesn’t matter what, your OC will be unable to do the whole lot. If they’re small, they gained’t be capable of win close-combat fights higher (your OC isn’t Scrounge), if they’re massive, they gained’t be as stealthy. Clans additionally play a task on this. A River clan cat could be a great swimmer, however not a great tree climber.

Know your details. A cat can’t begin coaching till its six moons outdated, so a 3 month outdated warrior is extremely unrealistic. Analysis the collection as a lot as you’ll be able to in order that your fanfiction/artwork might be correct. A superb web site to get data from is ggstore.web (the official web site). Cats with white fur and blue eyes are virtually all the time deaf (like Snowkit), learn a e-book or two on cats earlier than you begin.

Household issues. Is it actually that tough to create a couple of extra OC’s who’re mainly simply names and faces? Don’t make your OC associated to cannon characters as a result of it’s simple. Tigerstar already had kits, and your OC isn’t one among them.

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The previous is the previous (not). Until the story begins earlier than your OC is born, give them some sort of story about what they had been doing earlier than it began. There have to be a motive for each scar, each good friend, and each enemy. Attempt to keep away from an excessive amount of angst, and have it make sense. Your OC shouldn’t be depressed concerning the demise of his father, if it occurred earlier than he was born.

Preserve powers to a minimal. Warriors isn’t about magical cats who can fly and time journey. Strive to not give your cat powers, and follow abilities (climbing, swimming, ect.).

Have prophecies make sense, and never be too apparent. Warriors is among the solely fandoms the place it’s completely okay to have your OC as a part of a prophecy. Don’t have a prophecy be to massive (such because the cat it’s about being to defeat anybody), and don’t make it so if the clan hadn’t figured it out, then they’d look fairly silly. Say your prophecy was a few warrior named Lightfur defeating one other warrior named Nightfur. Too easy could be having the prophecy be: Mild will defeat night time, a greater model of that might be: Within the darkest of nights, mild will shine via and save us from the darkish.

Don’t create OOC. Even when Scrounge was to have a daughter (which is extremely unlikely) he wouldn’t love her greater than the rest. Slightly OOC is okay from time to time, however don’t push it.

The official web site is your greatest good friend. No one might be as cannon as Erin Hunter herself. ggstore.web has suggestions for drawing the cats, a discussion board the place you’ll be able to talk about concepts for OC’s, FAQ, a clan chooser, maps of the cannon places, and far more that may provide help to out. It’s additionally bought a couple of enjoyable, little video games, printable shirt iron-ons (you want a sure sort of paper), screensavers, and another enjoyable issues for if you get bored.

Please don’t steal. So, you simply discovered an superior OC on a warriors RP web site, and now you’re gonna use them in your fic? NO! Ask the OC’s proprietor first, 97% of the time they are going to be flattered to have you ever draw their cat with yours, or put their cat in your fanfiction so long as you give them credit score. And don’t instantly copy (okay copying could be giving your cat a reputation you discovered corresponding to Redpelt, a quite simple identify that could possibly be used over and over, so no person can actually flame you. Copying one thing unusual, corresponding to Flameshine, or Barkburn could get you flamed).

Have enjoyable. You MUST like Warriors to make an OC from it.

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