Michelle Hood is a photographer, artist, and proprietor of ggstore.web, making orgone power pyramids and different instruments for restoring harmonic stability to the earth and all residing How did this all begin for you, Michelle? How did you go from images to pyramids?

Michelle: It began with my curiosity in frequency. In the summertime of 2011, a good friend requested if I had heard about this “stuff” referred to as orgonite? She mentioned that if you throw it into the ocean, the dolphins come. That immediately caught my consideration—I had an prompt draw and a sense of recognition. I began researching orgone/orgonite straight away. I spent 9 months studying every thing I might discover and interviewing folks. I used to be meaning to do it as a interest, but it surely turned way more than that, for certain.

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Lots of people ask me, “What are your secrets and techniques behind these mysterious pyramids?” However the fact is that there’s a lot of analysis and data on-line that allows folks to know orgonite, and even directions for making your individual distinctive creations, for individuals who wish to try this. What precisely is orgonite? And what’s the distinction between orgonite and orgone power?

Michelle: Orgonite is a mixture of crystal and metallic in resin, and it’s primarily based on Wilhelm Reich’s scientific analysis culminating within the existence of what he termed orgone power. Torsion subject and 0 level power has developed out of Reich’s analysis. To this crystal-metal-resin recipe, I’ve added sacred symbols—sacred geometry—to additional amp up the therapeutic frequencies.

Orgone power is much like what the ancients have referred to as prana, chi, or common power. Orgone is created by layering natural and inorganic supplies which are in a position to harness this very important life drive power and amplify it so you possibly can truly really feel a sensation with it. In 2000, Carol Croft is attributed with including crystals to the combo. In doing so, the crystal matrix is locked in an amplified state of its personal frequency. The encased metallic filters the detrimental frequencies. This mix creates a high-frequency output and a negative-frequency filter multi functional piece. The metals I exploit are copper, stainless steal, and zinc.

As I describe on my web site, when orgonite is inside vary of a supply of detrimental power (like electromagnetic frequencies—EMFs), it’s going to effectively and repeatedly remodel it into optimistic power. Though there may be much more consciousness at present than ever earlier than about EMFs and different nerve-racking frequencies, please make clear. What are we actually coping with?

Michelle: I’m very involved concerning the digital and inorganic frequency soup we reside in. Even in 2011 once I started my analysis it wasn’t as excessive as it’s now. For starters, there are all {the electrical} grids, cell towers, satellites beaming down on us, in addition to GWEN towers, which is the Floor Wave Emergency Community that the federal government says they’ll solely use in an emergency. There may be HAARP— the U.S. protection system’s Excessive Frequency Lively Auroral Analysis Program primarily based in Alaska that analyzes the ionosphere. Its antennas shoot highly effective and heating radio waves straight up into the ambiance. After which there are all the units and home equipment we now have inside our properties.

Dwelling beings—folks, animals, bushes, different crops—don’t do effectively close to these frequency blasters. The frequencies are incoherent with the planet and its life varieties. Individuals are sicker, not sleeping effectively, depressed, anxious, worn down. It’s a actual concern. I noticed that orgone power was one option to offset a few of the dangerous results of technological fallout. How do you take a look at the effectiveness of your pyramids?

Michelle: I’ve a Trifield 100XE EMF Meter that I exploit to check the effectiveness of the orgone items that I make. The meter confirms that the pyramids do the truth is considerably mitigate and typically fully eradicate radio microwaves being emitted by wifi boosters, computer systems, TVs, and so on. If in case you have a pyramid in your house or workplace, you continue to get clear reception, but it surely offsets a whole lot of the swampy frequencies that aren’t actually serving to anybody.

GOING INSIDE THE PYRAMIDS What are your favourite crystals or minerals to be used within the pyramids?

Michelle: I exploit dozens of essentially the most lovely therapeutic crystals and stones on Earth, and I like all of them. However I might say my present favorites are Arkansas quartz, Sacred Lemurian, and Himalayan quartz crystal. There’s a full checklist on my web site of the completely different minerals I work with, together with their major therapeutic properties.

To bridge the science with the non secular points, crystals are like home windows of sunshine anchoring in greater planetary frequencies and presumably frequencies from different dimensions. They’re highly effective frequency enhancers. One in all my academics described the pyramids as “creating spatial vortexes of sunshine power that rejuvenate and regenerate.” On this method, they might assist optimum well being within the human physique and in nature. Inform us concerning the sacred symbols that you just use and incorporate.

Michelle: I’ve chosen six of essentially the most potent and auspicious symbols I do know of—Buddha’s Wheel of Dharma, The Flower of Life, the Gnosa (a Reiki image), Metatron’s Dice, the traditional Hindu OM image, and the Buddhist Sri Yantra.

One in all my academics instructed me to attract out the sacred symbols myself, indicating that I used to be to not copy them. I wanted to do that to keep up the integrity of the symbols and their frequencies. So I took the time to actually do it. All of it comes again to that very same ethos: Do your analysis, know your instruments, there are not any quick cuts. My expertise is that working with integrity permits me to be clear, and in doing so the true essence of the crystals can manifest by the orgone units with out distortion. Was the pyramid form of your orgonite additionally impressed by Wilhelm Reich’s theories? Or was that your individual inspiration?

Michelle: It was simply no query that it was going to be pyramids. I can’t clarify it, however I simply knew. Though I had some understanding concerning the energy of pyramids, I additionally did a whole lot of analysis on this side and found extra about how vital they’re to anchoring in and increasing therapeutic frequencies all around the planet.

For anybody , there’s a web page on my web site that includes a abstract of the Russian Pyramid Analysis led by Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD., together with hyperlinks to study extra. Additionally, Patrick Flanagan, who wrote Pyramid Energy, has been an enormous affect in a mess of how on this topic. His work is value investigating.

Learn: How you can Make T Shirt Sleeves Tighter Do you all the time start with a predetermined plan when making pyramids—deciding upfront which mineral, image, and metallic you’ll be mixing?

Michelle: The pyramids, which I make by hand, normally come collectively in one among 3 ways. Generally I’ve an concept of how a specific piece ought to look and simply go for it. And different occasions, I’ll stand over the mildew and may’t do something. I’ve to attend. This may go on for in the future or typically three or 4 days, even per week, till there’s a move. After which there are the accidents, which regularly find yourself being essentially the most superb items. I do know I’m accessing some type of historic data, however I couldn’t precisely verbalize this. Your pyramids are made in three sizes. Are the massive pyramids more practical than the medium and small ones?

Michelle: I get this query loads. It is rather attention-grabbing as a result of measurement can matter and in addition not matter in any respect. One lady purchased a small pyramid containing an amethyst, and I obtained a two-page testimonial on what occurred after she took it house, mentioned slightly prayer, and used it to clear any detrimental or deleterious energies in her home. She felt the shift and was completely completely happy. However, if anyone lives close to a giant tower grid, I might say get a bigger pyramid that homes quartz crystal—any type of quartz or “cubicly” structured stone is an enormous amplifier.

By the best way, the small is 2” x 2” x 1.75” excessive; the medium is 3” x 3” x 2.75” excessive ; and the massive is 4.5” x 4.5” x 4” excessive.

I additionally make extra-larger sizes. I presently have a number of 6,” 7,” and eight” pyramids, in addition to “large pyramids” which are roughly 10”-12” and about 20-25lbs. These are costlier items that take a whole lot of time to create. They’re extraordinarily highly effective, particularly if you’re a delicate. Folks can contact me by the positioning for this practice work. What’s the very first thing an individual ought to do after they get a pyramid—what are the working directions?

Michelle: The first step is clearing and charging the pyramid crystal, then tuning into it for the best attainable help.

  1. Place your pyramid in direct daylight for 20-Half-hour. Or clear your pyramid by bathing it in therapeutic sounds, reminiscent of sound bells, tuning forks, or classical music.

  1. Tune into and join along with your crystal. Two quite simple methods to do that are to carry the pyramid near your coronary heart and mindfully join, or to ascertain an infinity signal (a determine 8) between the crystal and your coronary heart.

  1. Set an intention. The crystal will help you so long as it’s in alignment along with your highest and finest, with no hurt to anybody else.

An vital aspect word: The pyramids that I make will not be designed to be left outdoors for any nice lengths of time as a result of I exploit an environmentally-friendly resin that doesn’t do effectively in harsh climate. If you happen to want one thing on the surface of your own home, you will get tower busters on-line, that are manufactured from a heartier resin. I do know somebody who put these by her fruit bushes within the fall and the subsequent spring she had 5 occasions the quantity of fruit! Bushes and the plant kingdom love orgone units of any type! Who’re the largest followers of your pyramids? And the way are they discovering you?

Michelle: It’s superb to me what number of various kinds of folks gravitate to the pyramids. Women and men of all ages group and vocation. And youngsters actually love the magical qualities of the pyramids. Some folks discover me by their very own on-line looking out, typically in search of EMF safety—however then an entire different world opens up for them. And there are additionally about twenty-five shops that now that carry my pyramids.

Nearly all of the folks getting the pyramids are these I might label as “healers,” though there are such a lot of sorts of healers! Vitality drugs practitioners, bodyworkers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, intuitives and psychics, therapists and coaches—and others. Individuals who meditate love the pyramids as a result of they really feel that their meditations are deeper and that it’s simpler to keep up that equanimity. Trainers and different fitness-focused individuals who need assist with regeneration and pain-relief. I’ve housewives (and househusbands) inquiring as a result of they’ve heard about the necessity to decrease wifi radiation. Some veterinarians have them of their workplaces. I’ve a good friend who’s an airline pilot who flies along with his pyramid. And I’ve different mates that fly with theirs to scale back the influence of the radiation. So it’s all walks of life, and I’m actually grateful. If I assist one particular person, it actually does make all of it worthwhile.MORE HEALING BENEFITS What are a few of the different advantages of getting a pyramid?

Michelle: Folks sleep higher with the pyramids. However the place the pyramid is positioned at evening is a really particular person factor. There’s a very psychic and energetically delicate man I do know who loves his pyramid, together with the way it impacts his sleep. However the power was too sturdy to have in his bed room at evening, so he moved it to a different room—nonetheless benefiting from it however with the buffer zone that he wanted. Different folks prefer to sleep with their pyramid very near their beds.

There may be such a wide range of methods the pyramids can be utilized. I’ve obtained emails and cellphone calls from individuals who describe ache reduction from putting their pyramid (base-end to physique) instantly on their physique. A good friend of mine rests the pyramid on prime of his glass of water for a couple of minutes and swears that the water tastes higher each time.

The pyramids are instruments to assist us maintain a extra harmonic house. To place it in sensible phrases, a screwdriver is useful should you want a screwdriver. A hammer is useful when it’s essential pound in a nail. The pyramids are useful instruments if you wish to alleviate the EMFs from cellphones, wifi towers, and the like. They’re not essentially going to make you enlightened, however they’re actually going to present you respiratory room the place you are able to do your meditation, relaxation extra simply, or simply calm down extra figuring out that your own home is a more healthy surroundings.

From the suggestions I obtain from folks, in addition to my very own expertise, cats, canine, and different pets are additionally drawn to the pyramids and like hanging round them. I feel that’s a great signal.BEAUTY, ART & HIGHER ENERGIES The pyramids appear like artworks and never simply EMF-busting instruments. What influences the artisanship?

Michelle: I knew that if I used to be going to do that, they needed to be lovely. I used to be a photographer for 25 years and a poetry main in school, so an appreciation for magnificence and the way it can contact anyone’s soul is foundational for me.

Learn: How you can make your self throw up: 10 Straightforward Strategies to Make your self Puke (Self Induce Vomiting) How does your inventive nature affect your strategy to working with the crystals, particularly?

Michelle: It’s about honoring—honoring the wind, honoring fireplace, honoring the water, honoring the earth, honoring the celebs. Making the pyramids in a ravishing type was my method of honoring the crystals. I really feel like I’m working in partnership with the crystal kingdom, and the crystal kingdom is working in partnership with the planet herself. The crystals and the planet are completely interwoven. They arrive from Mom Earth and are divine activators that purify frequencies. One of many methods I honor the crystals is by clearing and charging them with the intent of the very best end result earlier than I start making the pyramids, like I described earlier. I imagine this prompts a type of divine essence inside the crystal.

And for individuals who imagine within the interconnectedness and aliveness of all issues…

All of the crystals that I exploit, on some stage, conform to be of service on this use. And so they all know that in the future the resin will break down and they are going to be free. So it’s vital to me that I tune into with which of them wish to do that—wish to be part of the orgonite—and which of them don’t. Do the pyramids assist to foster peace and calm in folks and locations?

Michelle: Sure! One of many areas I’m most curious about is how orgonite divinitizes the areas and folks utilizing it. I keep in mind attending an occasion in Central Park years in the past when the Dalai Lama was visiting. You might really feel the peace and the upper power radiating from somebody who was working at a better frequency and the way it truly introduced every thing up. Orgonite—the pyramids—emit harmonic and uplifting frequencies as effectively. It isn’t like a excessive and low temperature that meets within the center. Excessive frequencies truly elevate the decrease frequencies up with out decreasing in any respect.LEARNING MORE Do you may have sources for instructing folks how one can use the pyramids?

Michelle: As we communicate, I’m placing collectively instructional supplies to show folks how one can work with the pyramids in ways in which transcend blocking EMFs, as vital as that’s. There are easy but profound purposes. For instance, for individuals who wish to use the pyramids for therapeutic work on themselves or others, one extraordinarily highly effective methodology of use is to take 4 pyramids (even the smalls ones) and place one in every of the 4 corners: north, south, east, and west to create an area you possibly can sit or stand inside. If in case you have a mobile phone with a compass, you should use that to find out your true instructions. If you happen to’re fortunate sufficient to have a patch of grass outdoors the place you are able to do this within the solar and with the earth beneath your toes, the consequences are even stronger. Plus, the restricted publicity to the solar is one other probability to cost the pyramids. Both indoors or outside, if you stand in the course of the pyramids, you’ll really feel the upper frequencies. And it creates a robust therapeutic surroundings for doing power work of any type. In fact, you too can do a variation on this with three pyramids to type a triangle. Who’re your mentors because it pertains to your work with the pyramids?

Michelle: I used to be lucky sufficient to be raised by a mom who was not solely open to however actually concerned in metaphysics, and he or she nonetheless is. She is certainly essentially the most influential particular person in relation to creating an surroundings the place curiosity, expanded consciousness, and life-affirming options are welcomed.

Along with my mother, there are literally a number of superb individuals who have influenced and impressed my work in a wide range of methods—Gabriel Goldrain, William Linville, Dr. Randall Robirds, Nigel Taylor, Raymon Grace, and Dannion Brinkley, to call a number of. Every one among them has contributed to increasing my acutely aware understanding of the seen and unseen in a deeper method.

I’m wanting ahead to finding out with Maria Wheatley subsequent. She additionally occurs to be a giant fan of the pyramids. Maria is a second-generation dowser and authority on the geodetic system of earth energies and reference factors used to map the earth. She is a keeper of the sacred data of the earth’s meridians … fascinating.CHARGING PLATES AND PENDANTS Do you make orgonite instruments in varieties apart from the pyramid?

Michelle: I make pendants, that are primarily offered in shops, and there may be some data on my web site about them. And I additionally make charging plates that aren’t but featured on my website. At this level, they’re a custom-order solely merchandise that has been word-of-mouth to date. The charging plates are fairly cool. They emit a softer however nonetheless very therapeutic power. I put it on prime of my water pitcher, or place the pitcher on prime of it, between twenty minutes to an hour to assist construction the water. You may put your grocery baggage proper on the plate for ten minutes or so after coming house from the shop and simply amp up the frequency of your meals. One lady put the plate underneath her mattress after a surgical procedure, and he or she skilled a fast and full restoration. I’ve no method of figuring out if the plate contributed to her quick therapeutic, but it surely might need helped slightly.

There may be one different story that made my coronary heart leap once I discovered about it. I despatched one among my first charging plates to Alma, the proprietor of a retailer in Sandpoint, Idaho. It’s referred to as Inquire Inside, one of many very first shops to hold the pyramids. I wanted suggestions on the effectiveness of the charging plates, and so I requested Alma if she would experiment. She invited seven folks to the shop to discover the potential rejuvenation capabilities, with everybody sitting in chairs in a circle and taking turns placing their naked toes on the plate. One of many ladies within the group had diabetes and little to no feeling in her toes. Inside the first quarter-hour, she sensed one thing in her toes, and so she requested Alma if she might come again once more the subsequent day. I obtained a testimonial from Alma about this beautiful lady saying that she might really feel her footwear for the primary time in 18 years. Once more, I can’t know for sure how a lot the plate helped to convey again the sensation in her toes, and I can’t promise or assure outcomes like this, however I’m so completely happy once I study of breakthroughs like hers. Can folks {custom} order their pyramids and pendants, deciding on the kind of crystal, the kind of metallic, and the particular sacred image they want?

Michelle: Sure! I do take particular orders. And infrequently folks ask me to decide on for them, which I fortunately do. Nonetheless, I additionally encourage them to see what they’re most drawn to, as a result of I feel it’s vital to belief your self. In closing, what are you most enthusiastic about proper now in your work?

Michelle: I used to be divinely guided to create and “present” particular large pyramids to the leaders of specific indigenous tribes situated in strategic factors throughout the earth. I’m doing this in an effort to offset the depth of a few of the coming earth adjustments. One has already been positioned and one other is shut.

I’ve additionally gifted to locations like orphanages in Africa and different areas all over the world. There may be an in depth checklist on the ggstore.web website for anybody . Thanks, Michelle, in your time, enthusiasm, and care.

Michelle: Thanks for the chance to share this data.

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