Tattoo Ink Color Mix for New Tattoo Colors | What Colors make Black, Gold & Turquoise

Tattoo Ink Color Mix for New Tattoo Colors | What Colors make Black, Gold & Turquoise

Tattoo Ink Coloration Combine for New Tattoo Colours | What Colours make Black, Gold & Turquoise

Tattoos are a type of self-expression and artwork. They typically signify particular person notion, family members, and households. Whereas black ink is the most typical and clear coloration, coloured ink can add an entire new dimension to the physique and symbolize issues which are past the capability of easy black ink.

Undecided what to do once you want a particular tattoo ink coloration and it isn’t in your assortment? Combine your tattoo ink for brand spanking new colours. Sure, you’re proper, it is rather potential if you happen to observe our information.

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Tattoo ink might be diluted, made lighter and darker, it will also be combined to get a distinct shade of colours. You may convert some colours to a number of colours. Use applicable strategies to keep away from damaging the ink.

On this article, we’ll clarify learn how to correctly combine tattoo ink. All the time guarantee that the blender you’re utilizing is sterile, in any other case, there’s a danger of your ink changing into contaminated. Nevertheless, contemplate investing in a tattoo ink mixer in order for you a fantastic outcome.

Desk of Contents

  • 1 Standard tattoo coloration mixes
  • 2 Choosing the proper ink
  • 3 What tattoo ink colours make black
  • 4 What colours make gold tattoo ink?
  • 5 What colours make turquoise tattoo inks?
  • 6 What colours make pink tattoo ink?

Standard tattoo coloration mixes

You may combine your inks by including two or extra colours collectively to create a distinct coloration.

The favored tattoo coloration mixes are:

  • Pink and yellow ink, makes orange coloration. The extra purple is added, the extra reddish it turns into, the extra yellow provides extra yellow tint.
  • Pink and blue ink make purple.
  • Mixing blue and yellow inks turns inexperienced.
  • Yellow with purple inks ends in orange.
  • Pink and inexperienced inks flip brown.
  • Inexperienced and yellow ink collectively make a light-weight inexperienced or lime.
  • Mixing blue and inexperienced ink turns green-blue.
  • Black and white ink make grey. Nevertheless, the extra black you add, the darker the grey, and the extra white you add, the lighter the grey.
  • Pink and white make pink tattoo ink coloration. Once you add about 1 to three servings of purple, yellow, and white you’re going to get peach ink coloration.


  • White might be combined with any coloration.
  • Brown mixes nicely with orange, purple, yellow, and white

Choosing the proper ink

Tattoo Ink performs an vital function in inventive designs and elegance. Relying on the model and high quality, you may even see higher outcomes, but additionally the next price. For instance, the ink that was used 5 years in the past is not so good as a few of the new inks obtainable at present.

And relying on who makes the ink, the ink comprises completely different elements and completely different metallic contents.

Here’s a breakdown of the inks:

Black and blue

  • These colours are the preferred for tattooing and are nice for mild, tanned, and black pores and skin tones. These colours are additionally best to take away with lasers.


  • For those who’re unsure whether or not or not you’re allergic to purple ink, ask the tattoo artist to place a dot of purple ink in your foot. It is going to go away sooner and you’ll know if you’re allergic or not fairly rapidly. Nevertheless, word that purple ink fades sooner than darkish colours over time.

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Orange, yellow and purple

  • Yellow and orange can fade sooner on pale pores and skin and should be rendered extra typically than darker colours. The identical goes for purple. Purple can lose depth extra rapidly than black or blue over time.

Blacklight and glow at midnight

  • UV tattoos, often known as glow-in-the-dark tattoos, are made with ink that fluoresces beneath ultraviolet mild (blacklight). To most individuals, this ink could cause allergic reactions that is extra of the explanation the FDA has not formally permitted using these kind of inks. In case you are unsure whether or not you’re allergic or not, ask the tattoo artist to place a small dot in your foot first.

Selecting the colour on your tattoo is simply as vital because the picture itself. The theme, dimension, and tone of your pores and skin all play a task in choosing the proper coloration and ought to be mentioned throughout your session.

You may go for a colourful tattoo or a black and grey black ink tattoo, with optionally available white ink highlights. When on the lookout for an array of colours, your pores and skin tone is the deciding consider selecting essentially the most complimentary shades: the lighter the pores and skin, the bolder and lighter the colours seem. However, the darker the pores and skin, the harder it’s to focus on completely different shades.

What tattoo ink colours make black

Pink, blue, and yellow are the three primary colours that make-up black when combined. Simply combine equal quantities of purple, blue, and yellow and also you get a lighter shade of black. For those who use a lighter purple and blue, you get a brown ink coloration.

You’ll want to use darker colours as proven within the coloration chart above. If you would like the black coloration to be slightly extra bluish, simply add slightly extra blue to your coloration combine. Therefore, if you wish to get the true black, it is advisable to observe the information beneath:

Quite a lot of compounds are used to make black tattoo ink. Generally, artificial black ink is made up of iron and carbon oxides, whereas pure black ink is made up of supplies resembling magnetite crystals, wustite, and wooden. With exact talent and cautious software of the right sort of black ink, a talented tattoo artist can darken black tattoo ink.

Select the suitable ink for the specified black content material of the tattoo. Some inks, resembling these made out of massive particle dimension pigments, don’t penetrate deeply into the pores and skin however seem darker close to the floor.

Select a needle that most closely fits the kind of ink you could have chosen. For instance, inks with bigger particle pigments require a medium taper needle.

Maintain the needle at a low angle and make the stroke longer. With a low angle, you tattoo a collection of a lot darker layers moderately than a shallow angle perpendicular to the pores and skin.

Additionally, remember that you’ll have to spend extra time utilizing much less pigmented inks whereas nonetheless utilizing a sooner machine. In reality, with much less pigmented ink, you place much less pigment into the pores and skin with every stroke.

Set up numerous small ink caps for darkish black tattoos as an alternative of 1 massive ink cap, particularly if the tattoo is massive. For those who constantly dip into the identical ink cap, blood particles can contaminate the ink provide by diluting it and including coagulants, inflicting the ink to clump into the pores and skin that doesn’t penetrate simply.

Take a look at different tattoo artists concerning the profitable darkish black tattoos they’ve carried out. Ask what black ink they’re utilizing and what technique they used. Taking a look at completely different portfolios and chatting with fellow consultants within the discipline might help you darken the black tattoos you’re engaged on.

What colours make gold tattoo ink?

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The gold coloration is on the hotter aspect of the colour wheel. Nevertheless, one of many fundamentals is brown, which is taken into account a impartial shade. However what colours make tattoo ink gold? It’s essential to combine the yellow and brown.

For those who combine the 2 colours of yellow and brown, you get a golden coloration. Within the easiest case, gold might be produced with simply these two colours.


In contrast to conventional black tattoo ink, which leaves an enduring reminiscence in your pores and skin, gold tattoo ink might be simply eliminated at any time.

The gorgeous and distinctive look of this ink is the proper accent for a pageant, pool celebration, wedding ceremony, or only a enjoyable day on the seashore.

The gold materials consists of a really skinny layer of high-quality metallic foil that may be simply transferred onto your pores and skin with water, just like the tattoo switch paper utilized by tattoo artists. Much like a brief tattoo within the idea, the design seems on the pores and skin for weeks.

What colours make turquoise tattoo inks?

It’s tough to determine the completely different shades of blue within the tattoo ink. Many colours seem like blue however have a totally completely different wavelength than blue. Some are darker or lighter shades of blue.

What colours make tattoo inks turquoise? Turquoise is a turquoise gem. It consists of a mix of blue and light-weight inexperienced.

Turquoise lies between blue and inexperienced within the coloration spectrum. It is very important combine the colour of your tattoo ink as an alternative of shopping for it as it might probably get costly.

What colours make pink tattoo ink?

Pink and white make pink tattoo ink. Once you add about 1 to three servings of purple, yellow, and white, peach ink comes into play.


Knowledgeable can create their tattoo ink by combining two or extra colours. Mixing is a good way to transform some colours into a number of shades. The one factor to recollect is to make use of correct mixing strategies to keep away from ink deterioration.

The primary rule for profitable mixing is to solely combine with sterile instruments. Violating this vital rule can create a significant coloration cross-contamination drawback. If you want to combine ink, investing in an ink mixer is right to realize nice outcomes.

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