Papier Mache Doll

Papier Mache Doll

Papier Mache Doll

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This pleasant tutorial gives you invaluable help make your self a beautiful papier mache doll.

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This pleasant tutorial gives you invaluable help make your self a beautiful papier mache doll. Right here, Pun Hui makes use of washi paper. You would if you wish to use any paper of your alternative, together with newspaper. Picket dowels can be utilized instead of chop sticks and you might paint the completed doll afterwards.

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You’ll need…

– 1 x 2½” styrofoam ball (head)- 1 x 1½” styrofoam ball (sneakers)- 1 x 1½” styrofoam tube (reduce 3 inches for physique)- 2 x 5½” 20 guage wire (arms)- 2 x 4½”18 guage wire or chop sticks (legs)- 1 x 2” chop stick (neck – sharpen each ends for straightforward insertion)- 1 x 25” by 26” piece of washi paper (plain or bark chips embedded)- Wallpaper paste- White (pva) glue- 1 x lentil or spherical bead

Notes:– Hand tear the paper, don’t use scissors to stop laborious edges once you overlap.- Glue down one piece at a time. Pre-gluing is not going to save time as washi paper absorbs the moisture very quick and you’ll have to apply once more.


Forming the pinnacle Draw a line across the centre of the styrofoam ball, and press in opposition to a desk alongside this line to type the pinnacle form.

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Tear strips of paper about 5/8 inch huge, then tear once more to make 5/8 inch squares. (Bigger than this and they’ll make folds once you glue them down onto the pinnacle.)

Apply glue on the piece you might be utilizing and apply to the pinnacle, overlapping till you have got coated with at the very least three layers.

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Forming the nostril Glue lentil with a tiny blob of glue in place for the nostril. Depart to dry. Cowl with a number of layers of paper on and round ggstore.netrnatively, repair a spherical bead in place with a straight stitching pin. Different nostril

Eyes and Mouth

Draw eyes and mouth on one other piece of washi ggstore.netfully tear out the options and glue onto face.


Trim the Styrofoam tube right into a cone ggstore.netrt chopstick for the neck. Cowl the neck with strips till you attain your required thickness. (Lengthy neck, quick, thick or skinny neck).

Arms & Legs

Make 3/8 inch torn strips to wrap across the wire. If you would like thicker legs and arms, wrap round extra layers.

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