Making Cylinder Head Gaskets

Making Cylinder Head Gaskets

Making Cylinder Head Gaskets
By Workers

One of many issues besetting the restorer of vintage engines is that of discovering a cylinder head gasket. A cylinder head gasket is a important half, because it should seal excessive stress gasoline on the combustion chamber in addition to cooling water at various cooling water passages. Manufacturing gaskets have grommets across the combustion chamber and the water passages to forestall blow-out in addition to seepage by the gasket materials. Grommets aren’t simply made in a house store.

I’ve discovered one materials that works nicely with out grommets. It is a Fel-Professional materials fabricated from asbestos and graphite with a core of stainless-steel. The stainless-steel is 0.010′ thick and has an ideal many projections punched in every path. These projections are pressed into the asbestos facings, locking collectively the three layers. Nevertheless, it isn’t simple to chop gaskets of this materials with scissors and gasket punches.

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It really works nicely to noticed and drill Fel-Professional whereas it’s sandwiched between items of plywood. To make gaskets this manner, you have to the next provides:

1. The Fel-Professional materials

2. Some 1/2 inch plywood. Scraps of sheathing plywood from a constructing web site are nice.

3. Some 1/8 inch plywood. I exploit scraps of wall paneling.

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4. Flat head brads, about 5/8 inches lengthy.

5. Draftsman’s tracing paper.

6. A chunk of wax of the kind used for rubbings. Get from a craft store.

7. Contact cement.

8. A jig noticed.

First, make a rubbing from the cylinder head. Modify the contour in pencil if it exhibits an space that needn’t be gasketted. If the gasket may be reversible, you’ll be able to cement the rubbing to the 1/8 inch plywood, black facet up. If it may well’t be reversed, you should cement it black facet down. Don’t fear, being tracing paper, you’ll be able to nonetheless see the rubbing. Generally, although, it helps to stipulate all cuts with a mushy pencil.

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Now minimize an appropriate rectangle of Fel-Professional with tin snips. Make two gaskets without delay if you want. Stack the 1/8 ply and the Fel-Professional on high of the 1/2 inch ply. Nail them along with the brads throughout the gasket form. House the brads about 1-1/2 inches aside. Subsequent, drill the bolt holes; a drill press helps. I typically put the cylinder head in place and use it as a drill information. Some 6d nails across the head will preserve it in place. You needn’t drill throughout the 1/2 inch ply, simply by the Fel-Professional.

Subsequent, drill the ends of the water passages throughout. Select drill sizes to match the radii of the openings within the head and cylinder block. Now you can noticed out the water passages, connecting the holes you simply drilled. I exploit a jig noticed for all of the cuts because the tooth minimize the gasket materials in opposition to the 1/2 inch plywood.

Now noticed out the combustion chamber openings. All that continues to be is to noticed the surface contour. Take excellent care of the completed gasket. I tape the plywood items to the gasket to guard it till set up.

No gasket cement ought to be used.

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