Journal of Brassiere

Journal of Brassiere

Journal of Brassiere

I used to be to put in writing a publish about bra-fitting however it appeared like little bored to me, and since I’ve completed bra band alteration lately, which turned out to be simpler than I’d thought, I made a decision to share the expertise first.

Nicely, if you happen to google about bra band alteration, most of them could be categorized by two strategies.

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  1. Fold the aspect of the band and sew them
  2. Reduce out the band on the hook space and re-attach the hook

I favor my bras to be neat prefer it was made like this from the start, so I opted the second technique. The issue was that the bra I used to be to shorten has U form on the again aspect (which is known as as a leotard again).

An instance of the bra with U form on the again (a leotard again bra)picture supply: Bra Anatomy – ggstore.internet

Once I’ve made my search on methods to shorten a band of the leotard again bra by the second technique, it often concerned ripping out the seam of the elastic band and stitching again with a stitching machine or simply saying it’s unimaginable with hand. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to discover a method after studying these two posts and I gave a attempt.

Posts that impressed me:

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2. Alterations: Scale back the band width – Dressing Curves

Then let’s get began.

You’ll want:

  1. A leotard again bra to shorten, (I don’t advocate shortening 2 or extra band sizes.)
  2. A bra extender with correct measurement and hooks
  3. A seam ripper (I’ve purchased it on Daiso, which is a greenback retailer in S. Korea)
  4. A needle, scissors, pins, some thread, measuring ggstore.internet you recognize, issues wanted for hand stitching
  5. A loads of time, peace of a thoughts.


1. Study your bra

First, you need to decide how lengthy you’re going to chop out. You need to reduce it on each side of the band to get the symmetric form. I like to recommend doing it by evaluating with one other bra which has a correct band size. The explanation why I don’t advocate shortening two or extra band sizes is that if you happen to do this, you may reduce the band past the realm the place the straps are connected – which could be actually robust to restore with hand stitching.

If you happen to determined the size you need, place a pin to mark the place. Place one other pin a few half inch nearer to the hook from the primary pin. The primary pin is the place you need to connect the hook, and the second is the place to chop.

The pink pin is the primary pin, marking the place to connect the hook, and the blue pin is the second pin, the place to chop.

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2. Measure the band peak and decide the bra extender to placed on.

If the marking is finished, then measure the peak of the band from the place you’ve positioned the primary pin. We’ll reduce off the earlier hook with the band, and can put a bra extender whose peak correlates with that of the reduce band.

When selecting a bra extender, purchase a basic one – a hook half and a watch half sewn collectively – with none elastic band element or one thing like that.

There’s one other factor to think about – the width between the hooks and eyes. It’s often both a half inch (1.3cm) or three-quarter inch (1.9cm). In case you are contemplating shortening a band measurement, you may need to get an extender with identical hook width with another hook. What I’m speaking about right here is that not all extenders with the identical variety of hooks are created equal. As you may see within the image beneath, a 3 hook extender with 3/4 inch hook width has longer width general in comparison with a 3 hook extender with 1/2 inch hook width. So take warning when shopping for an extender and select the precise one for you.

Comparability between 1/2 inch hook width and three/4 inch hook width on 3 hook bra extendersImage supply: ggstore.internet

In my case, the bra had 2 hooks with 1/2 hook width so I purchased a 3 hook bra extender with 1/2 inch hook width. In case you are residing in S.Korea, Vivien sells 3/4 inch hook width extenders whereas Venus sells 1/2 inch width of them. Web markets in S.Korea often promote 1/2 inch width ones on 2 hook extenders whereas 3/4inch width on 3 hook extenders.

3. Take aside the bra extender

Remeber what I’ve stated to get a basic bra extender with a hook half and a watch half sewn collectively? I like to recommend doing so as a result of it’s extra handy. Now, get a seam ripper and rip all of the seams on the extender and it’ll yield two items – a hook half and a watch half.

A bra extender who’s made of stitching a hook half and a watch half collectively. Now it’s been taken aside into two items.

4. Reduce the band

An irreversible process! Reduce the band alongside the second pin.


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5. Sew the bra extender items

Sandwich the band within the bra hook extender items and pin them to carry nonetheless. After the pinning course of, chances are you’ll need to attempt the bra on to see if it matches earlier than the precise stitching.

Now it’s stitching time. I’ve positioned my pins horizontally alongside the band form. Sew the highest and the underside of the hook, and the vertical line the place the band is sandwiched. The place to start out is totally as much as you. I’ve began from the highest and the underside. Once I sew the highest & backside, I sewed as compact as potential, as if I have been doing a buttonhole sew. When stitching the highest & backside, don’t neglect to penetrate the elastic band contained in the hook with the needle. I’ve completed a lockstitch for the verticle seam.

Sandwich the band within the new hook (a bit from the bra extender), pin them horizontally and stitch them.

6. Completed

If you happen to’ve completed the one aspect, do the identical on the opposite aspect and Ta-da! It’s completed.


How was it? Wasn’t that arduous, was it?

The band of the bra I’ve shortened was considerably like 32 bands, though its measurement was 30DD. So I’ve completed the alteration and it fitted me like “29” bands. which was very nice. The again of the straps wasn’t that shut both. After all, shopping for a bra with a correct band size is the very best. However this may be an choice for a bra which could be a good one simply aside from a band size, even when the bra has a leotard again and also you don’t have a stitching machine. I hope this may very well be a assist for you too.

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