How to set up an amp for a metal sound?

How to set up an amp for a metal sound?

arrange an amp for a metallic sound?

There are a lot of totally different “metallic” sounds and crafting your individual explicit sound is a part of what makes one band stand out from one other aesthetically. And I haven’t performed metallic or any high-gain music since a few years now, so take this with a grain of salt.

Pedal vs. Amp

First it is best to perceive how these distorted sounds are created. Usually you both:

Be taught: make your guitar sound metallic

  • Flip the achieve on the amp up a lot that it overdrives the amp itself
  • Otherwise you maintain the amp sound clear and add the achieve by way of a pedal earlier than the amp.
  • (or some mixture of the 2)

The distinction between these two strategies is usually the place the coloration of the sound is coming from—the amp or the pedal.

Tube vs. Strong-State

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Second it is best to perceive the distinction between tube and solid-state amps. For those who flip any amp/circuit up loud sufficient it’s finally going to achieve some extent the place it could actually’t deal with that a lot achieve and it begins to distort. The distinction is that tube amps are likely to sound extra pleasing after they do. Strong-state amps don’t break up as simply and don’t sound pretty much as good after they do.

Tweaking settings when utilizing a pedal + amp

So provided that your amp is solid-state, your only option might be the second methodology:

  • Push the button so it’s set to “clear” and never “OD”
  • Set the Bass and Treble knobs to 12 o’clock to begin
  • Flip the amount as much as style

Then choose up a distortion pedal and comply with one thing like this:

  • Flip the achieve/drive/distortion knob all the best way down to begin
  • Flip any tone knobs to wherever their impartial place is in accordance the the guide
  • Flip the extent knob up sufficient in order that the amount sounds the identical whether or not the pedal is on or off. That is referred to as “unity” achieve and also you are actually at a impartial place to begin tweaking your tone.
  • Flip the achieve/drive/distortion knob up till it sounds “metallic” sufficient for you.
  • Tweak the tone controls a bit to style
  • Optionally tweak the extent knob in the identical means once more now that you just’ve added achieve if you wish to use each clear (no pedal) and soiled (pedal) sounds.

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Lastly you may come again to your amp and tweak the tone knobs there if wanted. However I’d go away these largely impartial and tweak provided that a brand new room that you just’re enjoying in sounds totally different.

That’s form of a fundamental method to arrange the achieve construction for pedal + amp. And with metallic you’d sometimes need loads of achieve. So maintain that in thoughts whereas pedal procuring. Additionally needless to say totally different pedals will sound totally different not simply in isolation but additionally relying on what amp they’re in entrance of. So possibly convey your guitar and amp into a neighborhood music retailer and ask to strive a bunch of pedals to listen to the way it will sound along with your gear.

Tweaking settings when utilizing simply the amp

For those who completely can’t afford a pedal:

  • Push that button so it’s set to OD
  • Flip the amount up till it sounds metallic sufficient
  • Tweak the bass/treble knobs to style

You’re in all probability not going to get an incredible sound with this amp both means. However you’ll have extra luck with a pedal right into a clear amp given this explicit amp.

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