How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

How To Make Spray Paint Dry Sooner

When utilizing spray paint for a undertaking, I all the time marvel how lengthy I’ve to attend for the paint to dry. I usually wish to dive again into my undertaking as quickly as potential. Should you’re something like me, you’ve in all probability puzzled the right way to make spray paint dry sooner.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods you’ll be able to pace up the spray paint’s drying time. You possibly can coat the floor with wax-based furnishings polish or bake the paint within the oven. The best choice is to change points of your setting like airflow or humidity for fast-drying outcomes.

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On this article, we’ll dive into how lengthy spray paint takes to dry and the strategies you should use to hurry up the dry time. We’ll even present you among the greatest fast-drying spray paint manufacturers on your subsequent undertaking.

How To Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

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How Lengthy Does Spray Paint Take to Dry?

Usually, spray paint takes a minimum of just a few hours to dry totally. You’ll be able to deal with and re-coat the ache after just a few hours. Nevertheless, some manufacturers take for much longer to totally treatment. Chances are you’ll want to attend 24 hours or extra for the paint to totally treatment.

You’ll be able to verify the label on the spray paint bottle for an actual estimate on how lengthy it takes to dry. Typically the dry time is difficult to search out, however most manufacturers print it together with different product info. Nevertheless, that is an estimation. Many elements go into how lengthy spray paint takes to dry, akin to humidity, air circulation, and the floor you’re portray.

What Is the Distinction Between Dry Time and Remedy Time?

To grasp how spray paint dries, we have to talk about the distinction between dry time and treatment time. A paint’s dry time is the size of time between portray coats or the re-coat time. Then again, the treatment time is how lengthy it takes for the paint to dry earlier than your undertaking is full and you should use the article.

Spray paint goes via 4 predominant drying phases, together with:

  • Floor dry: The paint’s solvent evaporates.
  • Contact dry: That is when the paint might cease sticking to your finger.
  • Arduous dry: When the spray paint’s high layer turns into laborious and isn’t more likely to come off.
  • Thorough dry or absolutely cured: The whole floor is dry, and the article is prepared to be used.

The treatment time usually takes longer as a result of the solvents evaporate from the paint’s floor because the drying course of is underway. The paint cures when these residual solvents depart the movie and hyperlink with air to create a strong and hard exterior.

How To Make Spray Paint Dry Sooner

How to cure spray paint fast

There are lots of methods you can also make spray paint dry sooner. The best strategies contain altering components of your setting, akin to air circulation, humidity, or warmth. Nevertheless, the way you apply the paint may also play an enormous position within the dry time. Listed below are seven choices to hurry up how briskly your spray paint dries.

1. Use Skinny Coats

When making use of paint, the most effective rule of thumb to comply with is to color in skinny coats. The thinner the paint coats, the faster the dry time. The approach you employ to use spray paint tends to lead to skinny coats already. Nevertheless, you could make errors that would trigger the paint to dry slower. For instance, utilizing thick coats may trigger tacky-feeling paint.

For the most effective outcomes, use your whole hand to maneuver the can throughout the floor as you apply the paint. Keep away from solely shifting your wrist. This system may also enable you to keep away from overlapping an excessive amount of paint in a single part and stick to lighter coats as a substitute.

It’s also possible to use solvent or paint thinner to change the thickness. Quick-drying spray paint additionally tends to offer extra management over the applying.

2. Decrease the Humidity

For spray paint to dry rapidly, you want low humidity. Excessive humidity ranges gradual the drying course of and even lead to harm that may destroy your paint jobs, akin to paint drips or mud contamination. Humidity ranges between 40 and 70% are superb.

By no means paint throughout significantly humid days. In case your location is humid, attempt lowering the moisture within the air with a dehumidifier. Typically opening home windows and doorways whereas portray is useful if it’s your property that’s humid. If it’s humid outdoors, attempt to maintain the home windows shut.

3. Create Air Circulation

Air flow is essential while you’re working with paint, primarily spray paint. Many paint sorts, together with most spray paint manufacturers, include risky natural compounds (VOCs) which can be harmful to breathe. Earlier than you paint, it’s essential to open home windows and ensure you have loads of airflow.

Should you’re working inside, you might use a fan to supply extra air circulation. Maintain the fan working after you’re achieved portray to spice up the dry time additional. For out of doors tasks, portray in a storage lets you have entry to a field fan as properly. You wish to keep away from spray portray on windy days outside for security causes.

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Watch out to not run a fan in a unclean room. Doing so may trigger the fan to kick up grime and particles, inflicting it to stay to your paint. Keep away from inserting the fan too shut as properly, or you might trigger the paint to maneuver and smear.

4. Run a Heater Close by

Like a field fan, an area heater is a wonderful approach to create extra airflow. The mix of the upper temperatures and air circulation is helpful if you want to reduce the drying interval by just a few hours. A heater is especially helpful on chilly or humid days, as utilizing a heater may also assist cut back humidity ranges.

There are just a few methods to make use of this methodology. You’ll be able to run a heater close to your work space to assist paint dry sooner. Depart the undertaking to dry with a heater working close to the floor, and the spray paint might dry to the contact in minutes as a substitute of hours. Alternatively, you might flip up the warmth in your house for those who’re portray indoors.

Operating a heater doesn’t drastically cut back the drying time, nevertheless it may cut back the time it takes for spray paint to dry from 24 to some hours. Should you don’t have an area heater, you’ll be able to attempt working a hairdryer over the painted floor.

5. Paint Exterior on a Sunny Day

Why not permit mom nature to assist dry your paint rapidly? You’ll be able to management the setting with out overthinking the warmth, humidity, and airflow by selecting a pleasant, sunny day to color outdoors. Plus, the most secure choice is to make use of spray paint outside on a heat day.

Plan to ensure you can paint outdoors on a heat, sunny day. Many individuals get pleasure from portray outside in the summertime as a result of the warmer temperature hastens the dry time. Begin portray instantly within the morning, so the objects have loads of time to dry.

Shoot for portray on an optimum day, when the temperature is between 65 and 85 levels F. Humidity ranges ought to stay common, with no rain within the forecast.

6. Coat Spray Paint with Furnishings Polish

A little bit-known trick to assist spray paint dry sooner is to use wax-based furnishings polish. The polish might be difficult to search out, however it will probably make spray paint dry immediately. It really works like a matte sealant. Search for a wax-based polish you’ll be able to spray for easy software.

Use the spray paint as traditional, then coat the paint with furnishings polish. Maintain the can just a few inches above the article and spray your entire painted floor. Chances are you’ll want a number of, skinny layers. Permit it to dry for round 5 minutes earlier than including one other coat. Wipe off the surplus polish with a gentle rag. Keep away from making use of an excessive amount of strain, or among the polish might come off.

Chances are you’ll not want greater than a single coat for some tasks. For instance, wooden tends to want a minimum of 2-3 layers of furnishings polish. All the time take a look at to see if the article is dry utilizing the pad of your pinky finger to pat gently. When the floor is contact dry, you’ll be able to deal with the article.

7. Curing Spray Paint in Oven

Lastly, you’ll be able to treatment spray paint in a toaster oven. When the spray paint is dry to the contact, bake it at 250 levels F for round two hours. Baking enamel paint is a perfect choice. Some paints might bubble or crack at excessive temperatures. Be certain that to make use of paint that’s secure to treatment in an oven.

By no means use a standard over to dry spray paint. As spray paint dries, it releases dangerous VOCs and chemical substances into the air that would adhere to the within of your oven. The following time you prepare dinner meals in the identical oven, these chemical substances get launched again into the meals. Use warning with this methodology. Use a toaster oven, and solely use it for drying paint.

How Lengthy Does It Take for Spray Paint to Dry on Various Supplies?

How to dry spray paint fast

The time it takes your spray paint to dry additionally depends upon the floor you paint. For instance, a porous floor might take longer. Though the drying course of just isn’t drastically altered, various supplies barely shift the drying time.


Wooden is a extremely porous floor, so it typically requires a number of coats of paint. Most wood surfaces require a minimum of an hour or two of dry time. Water-based paint will dry sooner on wooden than oil-based, on common. It’s greatest to color wooden with spray paint when temperatures are between 65 and 85 levels F, so use a heater or paint on a sunny day for sooner outcomes.


Steel is a fast-drying, glossy floor. On a heat, sunny day with low humidity, spray paint can dry in as little as 10 minutes. You’ll be able to improve the dry time of spray paint on metallic with hotter temperatures. Utilizing an area heater or portray outdoors on a hotter day may assist the paint dry faster.


Just like paper, cardboard is one other porous and gentle floor that’s straightforward to warp for those who apply an excessive amount of paint without delay. You have to be cautious to not layer the paint too closely. Air flow is a wonderful approach to pace up the dry time for the cardboard to round quarter-hour. Place a field fan close to your undertaking or paint outdoors for these outcomes.

It’s also possible to attempt utilizing the wax-based furnishings polish methodology for cardboard. The polish acts as a paint sealant, which is extremely really useful to make use of while you’re working with cardboard. Plus, the spray comes out flippantly and doesn’t are likely to run.


Glass is an uncommon floor to spray paint. The floor is clean, and the paint tends to run, drip, or streak on a floor prefer it.

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For the most effective outcomes, apply the spray paint in very skinny, mild coats. Present loads of dry time between the coats, between quarter-hour and generally as much as 24 hours. Strive utilizing airflow or warmth to hurry up the method. It’s also possible to treatment glass in a toaster oven at 350 levels F for about quarter-hour.


Rubber is extremely porous, so it takes appreciable dry time. It’s greatest to plan your time accordingly if you wish to spray paint rubber as a result of you want to apply a number of coats, ready round 24 hours between layers.

Does Spray Paint Dry Sooner in Warmth or Chilly?

Studying how spray paint tends to dry below sure temperatures is useful when portray interiors and exteriors. You’ll know the place to set the thermostat as you’re employed and be capable to accumulate the followers or different tools you could must flow into the air or cut back humidity.

The temperature should stay above 50 levels F for paint to dry appropriately. If the paint freezes, it may decelerate the dry time and trigger harm to your undertaking. In temperatures which can be too chilly, the paint doesn’t bond to the floor. The paint would really feel sticky or sloppy.

Total, hotter temperatures assist paint dry sooner.

With too sizzling of a temperature, the paint may even dry too rapidly and trigger cracking. Keep away from spray portray when it’s above 90 levels F. If the paint cracks, you want to take away the highest layer and begin over once more when the temperature has dropped.

Test the bottle in your spray paint for probably the most superb temperatures. Some manufacturers make spray paint you should use in cooler circumstances, which is helpful for those who stay in a northern location with lengthy, chilly winters.

In hotter places, utilizing a fan is right. It helps transfer the air and pull moisture from the paint, lowering the dry time.

Will a Warmth Gun Assist Spray Paint Dry Sooner?

A warmth gun is a well-liked device DIY-ers use to strip paint from surfaces. Should you flip the warmth gun to a decrease temperature setting, you should use it to dry paint considerably sooner. Nevertheless, utilizing a warmth gun just isn’t an immediate repair. You additionally must comply with security precautions to keep away from beginning a fireplace.

To make use of a warmth gun to dry spray paint, plug it in and set the temperature to 450 levels F. Keep away from temperatures as excessive as 750 levels F, or the paint might begin to boil and peel. This course of is greatest for wood furnishings or painted partitions, fairly than delicate surfaces like canvas or paper.

Maintain the warmth gun not more than two inches from the painted floor. Transfer the warmth gun round to unfold the temperature evenly. By no means maintain it in a single space for too lengthy. Maintain shifting the warmth gun till the floor is totally dry, which usually takes round 10 minutes.

Does Spray Paint Dry Sooner within the Solar?

For the most effective outcomes, keep away from spray portray in direct daylight. The solar could cause spray paint to dry too quick, inflicting points with peeling or marks. You wish to work outdoors on a sunny day, however don’t depart the article to dry below harsh daylight. The solar is highly effective in the summertime too.

Does Spray Paint Must Dry Utterly Earlier than Including One other Coat?

Should you’re going so as to add one other coat of spray paint, do you want to look ahead to the primary layer to treatment fully? No. The paint ought to be contact dry or in a semi-dry state earlier than including the subsequent coat. When the paint’s floor feels dry, you’ll be able to add a brand new layer. If it’s not dry sufficient, paint might stay moist too lengthy and trigger harm.

Finest Quick Drying Spray Paint

Some forms of spray paint are particularly formulated to dry sooner as properly. Listed below are the most effective fast-drying choices available on the market in the present day.

Pintyplus Evolution Solvent Based mostly Spray Paint

Pintyplus Evolution Spray Paint - 11oz, Fast Drying, Solvent Based, Acrylic Spray Paint. Multiple Applications Including Wood, Stone, Cardboard, Paper, & Cardboard. RAL 9010 Matt Pure WhitePintyplus Evolution Solvent Based mostly Spray Paint is a fast-drying acrylic paint. It’s glorious for a lot of inside and exterior surfaces, together with wooden, cardboard, paper, metallic, stone, and even some plastics. The paint has a matte end, and it is available in 12 colours.

With this premium spray paint, you’ll be able to end any kind of undertaking sooner. One of the best half about Evolution spray paint is that it has a low odor and is healthier for the setting. It’s also possible to paint over the floor in as little as quarter-hour.

Krylon 1602 Quick-Drying Spray Paint

Krylon 1602 12-Oz Fast-Drying High Gloss Finish Spray Paint, Ultra-Flat BlackKrylon is a well known model of spray paint with an “acryli-quick” method. It’s an enamel paint with a excessive gloss or matte end that’s superb for metallic and wooden. The road of spray paints is formulated for industrial upkeep or touch-ups.

Not like different enamel paints for metallic surfaces, this paint dries rapidly. It offers the right look with out drips and runs. However the most effective half is that the paint doesn’t require downtime to dry between coats. You’ll be able to re-coat the article anytime. It dries absolutely in 8 minutes.


Most spray paints dry inside 24 hours, however there are numerous methods you should use to chop again on the drying time. If you wish to cut back dry time, plan by choosing a heat, good day to color outdoors within the fall or spring. It’s also possible to use methods like furnishings polish or a toaster oven to change the time.

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