How to Make Native American Feather Fans

How to Make Native American Feather Fans

The way to Make Native American Feather Followers

1 Receive the feathers in your fan

Receive the feathers in your fan. The perfect feathers to make use of are imitation eagle feathers, which can be found at most American Indian provide shops or buying and selling posts and a few arts and crafts shops. These feathers are painted to appear like actual eagle feathers; they’re typically accessible in units which might be trimmed and formed to suit collectively in a fan. It’s best to use an odd variety of feathers, often 5 to seven, relying on the scale of fan you need.

Separate the feathers into “lefts” and “rights.” Once you lay the feathers shiny facet up, they may naturally curve in some way.

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Straighten the feathers utilizing an uncovered, lighted mild bulb. Run the quill of the feathers gently over the uncovered bulb to frivolously warmth it, making use of stress gently till the feather is straight. Do that course of slowly, as an excessive amount of stress too rapidly can fracture the quill.

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Trim the feathers for the suitable look. Use a pointy pair of scissors to chop the tip off of every of the feathers, after which form them into a mild, curved tip, very similar to a butter knife. In case your feathers are specifically designed for fan making, it is possible for you to to skip steps 3 and 4.

Lay out your feathers within the configuration you wish to use on a bit of paper. Start with the 2 exterior feathers and work your means in with the feathers barely overlapping, till the middle feather is positioned. Maintain the feathers in place and hint the bottom of the quills, leaving a few one-eighth inch house on both sides; this would be the approximate form and design of your deal with. Size of the deal with is usually 5 to six inches, relying on choice and dimension of your hand.

Select wooden in your deal with. A tender wooden equivalent to pine or cedar will work finest. Minimize the deal with utilizing a wooden noticed; use a carving knife and sandpaper to realize the precise form you need. Use sandpaper to clean the floor and keep away from irregularities.

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Take away a small piece of wooden on the high of the deal with; this piece might be changed by the ends of the feathers, so measure appropriately.

Set the 2 exterior feathers and pin into place utilizing pliers and brief pins. You possibly can modify the pins as wanted as you proceed so as to add feathers; the pins may even maintain the feathers in place when you glue. Connect all of the feathers on this means. The ideas of the feathers ought to be flat and line up towards one another with no gaps.

Cowl the underside inch and a half of the feathers with epoxy to seal into place; enable the adhesive to dry for at the very least 12 hours. Take away the pins, then wrap plastic or one other protecting over the deal with in order that the feather bases are usually not uncovered. This may even make the deal with symmetrical on either side. Add ornamental feathers, beads, strings and fringes as you like.

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