How to Make Low-Lying Fog (Ground Fog) With a Machine

How to Make Low-Lying Fog (Ground Fog) With a Machine

Find out how to Make Low-Mendacity Fog (Floor Fog) With a Machine

KDomingo owns a floor fogger and has experimented with many various fog methods.

Creating ground fog with a fog machine is tricky, but there are some strategies you can use to ensure a good effect.

Creating floor fog with a fog machine is hard, however there are some methods you should use to make sure a very good impact.

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Strategies for Creating Floor Fog

Floor fog may be simply achieved by understanding how fog works inside its surroundings. This text will clarify easy methods to obtain a low-lying fog impact, together with offering ideas to additional improve the standard of the impact. I cannot be going into an excessive amount of element concerning the various kinds of fog machines or fluids, as a result of that’s quite a lot of content material, however I’ll introduce the machine and fog juice that I take advantage of.

This text relies on my experiences, and the opinions expressed are my very own. These methods work for me, and I hope they give you the results you want!

Here's a look at the various features of my fog machine.

Right here’s a take a look at the assorted options of my fog machine.

About My Fog Machine

The fog machine I’m utilizing is a 400-watt floor fogger. It’s known as a “floor fogger” as a result of, in contrast to regular fog machines, it has an ice compartment, which I’ll discuss extra about beneath. This fog machine isn’t the precise product that I’m utilizing within the instance movies and photos on this article, however it’s just like mine: It’s a 400-watt fog machine with an equivalent construction, and it ought to produce the identical outcomes.

Do You Need to Use a Floor Fogger?

No, you don’t want a floor fogger. Any kind of fog machine will work.

This is how a fogger with an ice compartment works.

That is how a fogger with an ice compartment works.

What Does the Ice Compartment Do?

In case you are curious, the diagram above exhibits the construction of a fog machine with an ice compartment and the way it works. It’s possible you’ll not be capable of see it, however there’s a partition separating the realm earlier than the ice compartment and the exiting chamber, so the fog should journey via the compartment earlier than leaving the machine.

That is the model of fluid I used to supply these movies and pictures.

Concerning the Fog Juice


I often use this Excessive-Density Lavatory Fog juice, however I wanted some fog juice for a celebration and didn’t have time to attend for supply. So, I purchased the one displayed in my photos at an area retailer. It really works fairly effectively, however it isn’t as thick and doesn’t final so long as the Lavatory Fog juice.

Is Excessive-Density Fluid Required?

You don’t want to make use of high-density fog juice, however for floor fog I like to recommend it.

What Controls the Top of the Fog?

The 2 primary elements that have an effect on how low or excessive your fog shall be are the temperature of the fog and the temperature of the encircling space. Principally, consider it like this:

  • The cooler your fog is, the decrease it should keep.
  • The cooler your environment are, the upper your fog will rise.

Why? There are scientific causes involving the density of air, however for simplicity, scorching air rises and funky air sinks. So, if the fog is considerably cooler than its environment, it should keep decrease for longer.

Here's my fog machine producing a low-lying fog.

Right here’s my fog machine producing a low-lying fog.

The Secret to Low-Mendacity Fog: Ice

Low-lying fog is one thing many individuals attempt to obtain. One of the simplest ways to do that is to chill the fog down by having it journey via ice. As we mentioned earlier, some fog machines, akin to mine, have a small ice compartment to facilitate this. Additionally, having denser fog juice is essential for low-lying fog (however not completely required).

What if My Machine Doesn’t Have an Ice Compartment?

In case you are utilizing a fog machine that doesn’t have a cooling compartment, otherwise you wish to cool your fog much more, you’ll be able to create a fog chiller. There are numerous easy methods to create a chiller on your fog machine. Under, we’ll go over two movies demonstrating completely different strategies.

Find out how to Make a Fog Chiller: Technique 1

The video above demonstrates how easy it’s to make a fog chiller. On this chiller (and in most chillers), discover that there are three issues to think about:

  1. How the fog machine will connect with the chiller.
  2. The construction of the chilling space.
  3. The place the fog will exit.

1. The Connection

Because the video creator demonstrates, connecting your fog machine to the chiller may be so simple as reducing a gap within the container and putting your fog machine up towards it. You can even use different supplies to create a greater seal/connection between the fog machine and chiller.

2. The Construction

When designing the chilling space, remember the fact that you wish to chill your fog as a lot as you’ll be able to. You possibly can preserve it easy, likein the video, however when you have some further provides, I counsel that you just add some obstructions for the fog. That manner, the fog must journey round—as a substitute of having the ability to go straight via—the fog chiller. Principally, you wish to make it keep within the chiller longer, which can end in colder, decrease fog.

3. The Exit Gap

Once more, within the video, you’ll be able to see that the chiller has a large exit gap. The dimensions proven is sweet for a 400-watt fog machine. In case your machine has a better wattage, you might have considered trying a much bigger exit gap. It will assist unfold the fog and preserve it low.

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If the exit isn’t sufficiently big, the fog shall be compelled out and can rise a number of toes. I’ve seen individuals compensate by reducing a gap in a plastic bag or a field to suit the exit gap after which attaching it to the chiller, permitting the fog to unfold out evenly when it exits the field or bag.

Find out how to Make a Fog Chiller: Technique 2

Above is one other video that demonstrates a reasonably cheap fog chiller setup with the three items described above:

  • A sealed connection from the fog machine to the doorway of the chiller.
  • A chiller the fog should journey round.
  • A large exit.

It is a good mannequin to comply with in the event you resolve to make your individual chiller on your machine. I like this design as a result of each the chiller and the tube that the fog travels via are sealed. So, even when the ice melts, the water will keep within the chiller, creating iced water.

Extra Suggestions and Solutions

Listed here are two extra methods for making a high-quality—but low-lying—fog impact.

Use Dry Ice

In the event you can afford it, I like to recommend utilizing dry ice as a result of it’s colder than common ice made out of water—and, extra importantly, there’s no cleansing required after it melts. Dry ice undergoes sublimation, which suggests it melts right into a fuel, not a liquid. Additionally, as a substitute of utilizing dry ice completely, you’ll be able to add it to common ice to decelerate the melting fee of each ices.

The drawback to utilizing dry ice, moreover the expense, is that it’s a must to use it the day you purchase it; in any other case, it should soften—until you occur to have a cooler that’s able to reaching a temperature of -100°F. In the event you didn’t know, the conventional family kitchen fridge can barely go beneath 0°F. With that being stated, one other drawback is dealing with it. You want thick gloves otherwise you would possibly undergo from a dry ice “burn” due to how chilly it’s.

Heat Up the Environment

One other manner to assist preserve the fog low is to activate the heater earlier than utilizing your fog machine (in case you are inside a constructing or room the place you’ll be able to management the temperature). The better the distinction between the temperature of the environment and the fog, the decrease your fog shall be.


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