How to Make an Offering

How to Make an Offering

Methods to Make an Providing

As a follow-up to our“Choices for the Gods” article sequence (Choices for the Aesir, Vanir, and Jotnar), a number of of our readers have requested find out how to make these choices. There’s nobody proper technique to make choices, although some methods are extra environment friendly. Listed below are a few of the most typical methods of creating choices for the Gods. The important thing factor to recollect with all choices is to make them with intent and respect.

Liquid choices

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Blessing the alcohol and providing it to the Gods

By far the commonest providing in Heathen follow is the providing of alcohol*. In a blót or sumbel, alcohol is poured into the horn and is blessed by the individual making the providing. The goði or gyðia may say one thing like this.

“Mighty Thor, we provide this darkish stout beer to you. You, who shield humankind, and are a good friend to all individuals on the earth. Settle for this providing, and bless all of these assembled right here.”

As soon as the beer has been devoted to Thor, it’s handed across the group for all to style, and the rest poured is out onto a Vé or a particular tree, mound of rocks, or different pure function. (ADF Heathens, as a part of their Core Order ritual, pour their choices into an providing bowl after which pour out the bowl someplace outdoors afterward.)

When making personal choices, you may pour the beverage right into a glass or bowl in your altar. Personally, I’ve a number of sizes of vessels for various ranges of choices. My on a regular basis choices get put into particular shot glasses (for instance, Odin and Loki share a set of Jack Daniel’s shot glasses; for Freya, I made a heart-shaped pottery cup). Bigger choices, resembling for holidays, get poured into a bigger handmade bowl that’s embellished with the Elder Futhark. The biggest choices, resembling for determined pleas for assist or main thanks, I pour complete bottles of alcohol poured outdoors on a pure function or right into a bonfire. Every time, I make an announcement of intent and gratitude earlier than I pour out the providing.

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(*Notice: individuals in restoration and kids can provide glowing fruit juice or contemporary cider as a substitute. Some Gods, resembling Heimdal the ever-vigilant, might favor one thing non-alcoholic anyhow, resembling espresso.)


Meals is one other widespread providing that’s made to the Gods right this moment, and like alcohol, it was a quite common providing again within the day. Again then, complete animals resembling sheep, cows, and horses had been killed and supplied to the Gods. Their blood was poured out onto a stone, altar, or different pure function, and flicked onto the individuals. This kind of sacrifice was one of many greatest and strongest choices any individual might make; offering the animals for a big blót and feast was a method for individuals to earn lasting fame within the Previous Norse cultures. (We all know the small print of this ritual from the Saga of Hákon the Good.)

Meals choices for an outside blót

At this time, most of us don’t have entry to livestock nor know find out how to butcher them humanely. Nonetheless, we nonetheless maintain feasts and potlucks the place we provide up meat, baked items, and the produce from our gardens. Although do-it-yourself is finest, as a result of you may put love and blessings into it as you make it/develop it, store-bought is okay. For private rituals, meals may be left in your altar (briefly, you probably have pets; longer when you don’t thoughts meals going a bit rotten). If I’m leaving meals on an altar, it’s normally a baked good or jerky—one thing that received’t go dangerous shortly. In any other case, as with the liquid libations, I depart them outdoors. If we depart your choices outdoors, nevertheless, make it possible for no matter you’re providing isn’t toxic or dangerous to the native wildlife.

One straightforward but highly effective technique to imbue your choices with intent is to carve runes into them as you make them. I do know a number of individuals who make baked items and carve runes into the crust, or organize the dough in order that it kinds particular runes. Then, if you eat them, you get twice as a lot energy from them.


Hoard of amber necklaces for the altar

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Different widespread choices are private objects. They are often heirlooms, symbols, or particular rocks or different pure objects. These may be left in your altar or positioned outside. I actually had a set of antlers on my Vanir altar in honor of Freyr and a miniature boat in honor of Njorð. I additionally retailer nearly all of my amber assortment there in honor of Freya. Some objects are supposed to be given away—if that’s the case, be certain they’ve a correct place to go and don’t turn into litter. In case your merchandise received’t break down over time, some “protected” locations to depart them are buried within the floor or dropped into a big physique of water (be certain they don’t float!)


Many Gods additionally worth service choices. An acceptable service providing for Thor may very well be to guard those that are weaker-for instance, strolling somebody house via a harmful neighborhood or standing up for somebody who’s being abused or harassed. For Freya, an acceptable providing may very well be supporting a rape survivor via her therapeutic course of; for Odin, performing in a poetry slam or providing rune readings. For Hel, this might imply providing consolation to somebody who’s dying from a terminal sickness.

There are various kinds of choices and some ways to point out the Gods that we honor and love them. This listing is mere a place to begin. Choices shouldn’t be made thoughtlessly, nevertheless; an providing is just as highly effective because the intent and energy that you just put into it. A present begets a present; when you give to the Gods, they may possible give again to you as effectively.

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