How to Make a Tumbler Cup Turner for Cheap!!

How to Make a DIY Tumbler cup turner for Cheap!!

“When it comes to crafts and hobbies, there are endless possibilities. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own tumbler cup turners, read this article.”

In this article, I’ll share with you a free online tool that can help you build a very simple and affordable DIY cup turning project in no time at all.

We’ve got you covered! How to Make a Simple DIY Tumbler cup turner. You’ll need just a paper towel tube, a pencil, some scrap wood, and a pair of pliers. I’ll show you how to make a lathe for less than $ 25.

How to make diy tumbler cup turner
How to make diy tumbler cup turner

The price may actually be lower if you have some of these materials at home or if you are creative! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have a ton of wood that I always try to use up. It was the perfect project for that!

Took my leftover 2×6 and 2×4 off my huge farm DIY table. I’m sure you could get them or ask a friend for little pieces.

Materials Needed for DIY Tumbler cup turner

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Materials for diy tumbler cup turner
Materials for diy tumbler cup turner

It seems some PVC pipes vary slightly depending on the thickness of the walls. Be sure to measure the outside diameter of the PVC pipe and use a slightly larger drill bit. Use the appropriate adapters.

wood – I used a 2 × 6 that is 13 inches long and 2 pieces of 2 × 4 that are 6.5 inches long
motor – this is the one I bought from Amazon
lamp cable with switch – here I bought mine from Amazon
PVC pipe 1/2 ″ or 3/4 ″ male and female adapters. My rod was 3/4 ″ outside and 0.69 inside.
Pool Noodle
Gorilla glue
screw-on wire connectors
wood bar – I had a 3/4 inch diameter bar from a wood laundry rack which I used but can be found at craft or home supply stores.
1 inch drill and drill bit, or slightly larger if you’re using a 3/4 inch pipe (love my Ryobi drill driver found here!)

How to Make a DIY Tumbler cup turner Tutorial (Single Tumbler cup turner)

The first thing you’ll want to do is drill 1 inch holes into your 2×4. I placed the center of the hole about 1.5 inches from the top. Attach the wood to the side of the table.

Drilling a 1 inch hole through the 2 × 4 takes some time! Wear safety glasses and do it in a well-ventilated area.

make it first
make it first
make it seconds
make it seconds
finish it
finish it

Once the first plank was ready, I clamped the two planks together (perfectly aligned!) And started drilling the second hole. This way I knew they would be of the same height.

Once I drilled a little bit, I unhooked them and only made one plank now that I had the start hole.

Then you just need to connect the elements together. You need a certain distance between them to increase stability. I placed mine on the ends of my 13 inch piece of wood.

First, I drilled the pilot holes with a countersink drill so that the screws did not protrude and create an uneven bottom.

I find it’s easiest to put 2×4 on the ground and then drill 2×6 on top. Make sure the 2×4 has the holes closest to the ground! I used 3 inch screws.

Now for the cup lathe motor! Make sure you do all of this BEFORE you connect anything !!

Putting the DIY Glitter DIY Tumbler cup turner Together

You will need to twist the ends of the motor pigtails to the lamp wire. (If you have a lamp cord that you don’t use, use the one you already have, save $$ !!)

After twisting them, fasten the bolted joints. Now plug it in and check if it works. If the motor does not turn, you may need to change the wiring connections. Make sure to unplug it and then swap the wires, fasten the ends of the screws and then check if it works.

Cut the long PVC pipe in half. You will attach the noodles on one side and the engine on the other. The side I connected to the engine was 8 inches long.

They connect back with male and female adapters.

Slice a small piece of pool noodles with a serrated knife (not Dollar Store noodles, but thicker Walmart noodles. They fit more snugly in cups).

(I made two ends of PVC, one with pool noodles and the other with a foam ball for smaller cups. Tubes are 9-11 inches long.)

You will then wet one end of the PVC pipe and apply gorilla glue around it. Gorilla glue expands as it dries, so it really sticks!
Let it dry. When it’s hard, you can scrape off extra if you like.

Attaching The Motor to DIY Tumbler cup turner

Now use the other half of the PVC pipe. Fastening the motor to the PVC pipe was the hardest for me! The first time it whirled for only a few seconds, then it stopped. They weren’t safe enough together.

In the beginning, I tried to align the cork with the hole or something else that could safely insert. I had an old 3/4 ”rod so I drilled a hole in it.

I started with a smaller drill bit size and worked my way up. The 15/64 inch drill bit turned out to be what worked for me. It wouldn’t get in easily so had to use a hammer, but it’s safe.

The first time I made a hole I used a 1/4 inch drill bit and it fitted easily (meaning it wasn’t tight enough!). I tried to use gorilla glue to put them together but that didn’t work so I had to start over!

After drilling the hole with a 15/64 inch drill bit, I sanded the rod to fit securely over the PVC pipe. I glued a small wooden pin on the other end of the drill bit and used 80 grit sandpaper to sand it by turning it over. You can also use an orbital sander but mine was broken

Once I had enough room to fit it, I stuck it in with a hammer. If you find it a bit too small, you can add some gorilla glue to the piece of wood, stick it to the PVC pipe and let it harden.

I put some gorilla glue in the hole and pushed the motor pin into it (hammer in it!). The engine never comes off the PVC pipe again!

Make sure it works! Plug in the cord and turn it on. You should see the PVC pipe rotating.

Now you can glue the PVC pipe with the motor attached to it through the holes. Fix it on the outside 2 × 4 with screws.

Here is a diy tumbler turner and tutorial for: how to make a diy tumbler cup turner

That’s it! You should be ready to go!

Thank you and best regards !!!

In conclusion, the key to making a successful DIY project is being organized, using tools you like and making sure that your final product meets your expectations. If you’ve been looking for ways to do things on your own and save money, there are a lot of options. Making your own projects can be cheaper than buying them. And if you need more detailed directions, consider making a video to show people how to make it. You can use your phone to make and record a quick video, or you can use an app to create a better quality one. The key is to be honest with yourself.


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