How to Make a PlayStation 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

How to Make a PlayStation 4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

Find out how to Make a PlayStation 4 Quieter With out Taking It Aside

In case you’re like hundreds of thousands of individuals (myself included), you then’ve most likely been enjoying lots of the Resident Evil 2 remake recently. As you spend hours taking pictures zombies, you’ll be able to’t assist however discover that your PlayStation appears just a little worse for put on. It’s scorching to the contact and it’s working fairly loudly.

Find out how to make a PS4 Quieter? You possibly can silence a loud PlayStation 4 with out taking it aside just by cleansing it utilizing a transportable, handheld vacuum cleaner on the bottom suction setting. Chances are high, an excessive amount of mud is stopping the centrifugal fan from doing its job. This makes the machine work more durable to maintain you entertained, resulting in the troublesome noises.

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You don’t need to miss this text, as I’ll go in-depth on cleansing your PS4 in addition to easy methods to forestall future noise recurrences. Whether or not your PlayStation is just a few months or just a few years outdated, you’ll be able to quickly have it working and sounding nearly as good because the day you acquire it.

What Does the Within Your PS4 Look Like Anyway?

PS4 Internals
A Look Contained in the PS4

Whereas I don’t suggest you are taking aside your PS4, you might be interested by what it appears to be like like contained in the console. That’s pure curiosity, so let’s satiate it, we could?

Past its protecting shell, your console is a sequence of chips, boards, and wires. Nothing exceptional there. The arduous drive is housed on the highest left of most PS4s (in case you’re mendacity the console flat). Then there’s the centrifugal fan, which I’ll get again to within the subsequent part. As I discussed within the intro, that is your wrongdoer in case your PS4 is working noisily.

There’s additionally the ability provide, which runs on alternating present (AC) at 120/240 volts. Beneath the ability provide are a number of capacitors. You’ll discover a DVD/Blu-ray drive, an optical drive board, and the motherboard itself, too.

If you wish to see all these items as they’re being disassembled, there’s a very cool breakdown right here. Simply to repeat it, I don’t advise you to unscrew and take aside your PlayStation to unravel what’s inflicting the noise. There are a number of causes not to do that.

First, in case you have any form of guarantee or safety plan in your console, you’ll instantly void it. In case you look by your PlayStation 4 proprietor’s guide, there’s even a piece particularly prohibiting you from disassembling the console.

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Second, except you’re very skilled, you most likely received’t be capable to put the PS4 again collectively once more and have it in working form. Lastly, and most significantly, you place your self susceptible to electrical shocks and laser radiation. It’s simply not value it.

What Causes a PS4 Fan to Get So Loud?

As talked about earlier, the issue along with your PS4 shouldn’t be from some random inside part. As a substitute, it’s the centrifugal fan that’s inflicting all of the noise.

The fan is about 85 diameters, so it’s a good measurement. The job of the centrifugal fan is to chill down the console because it begins heating up. This could happen if you use the console for a number of hours at a clip. In case you’re enjoying a graphics-heavy recreation, you may as well anticipate to listen to that worrisome loud whirring sound.

As helpful because the centrifugal fan is, it’s not impervious to mud buildup. In case you’ve owned your PS4 for quite a lot of months, then mud goes to build up on the console. Positive, you might use the disc tray and preserve that freed from mud, except you’re ultra-modern and simply purchase digital copies of your video games. Since you’ll be able to flip the PS4 on and off by way of the controller, you may not contact the console itself a lot. Which means mud can accumulate fairly simply.

There’s extra than simply the mud that coats your PS4’s outer casing. Mud will get inside, too, unbeknownst to you. In reality, you’ll be able to not often inform one thing is mistaken earlier than your PlayStation’s fan begins working extra audibly than it as soon as did.

In case you do nothing about this, the issue will solely worsen. Extra mud continues to pile up on the buildup that’s already in and across the fan. Because of this, the fan has to pressure even more durable to work, which implies it’s a lot noisier than it needs to be. It may well turn into downright distracting. With time, the fan might even fail. Your console would nonetheless activate and work, however after an hour or two of enjoying (if that), it could overheat and shut itself down. Some elements might even fry out.

Now that you simply’re conscious of the dangers of a loudly-running PS4 fan, you need to do one thing about it earlier than you trigger doable irreparable harm to your console.

Find out how to Make a PlayStation 4 Quieter With out Taking It Aside

Make PS4 Quieter
Quiet Down Your PS4

The primary query is, how do you entry the fan when it’s deep inside your PS4? You don’t need to take the console aside, however what different possibility do you’ve got?

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The answer is to not disassemble the PS4. As a substitute, you need to clear it.

What can you utilize for the job? A handheld transportable vacuum cleaner is greatest. These usually don’t get almost as a lot suction as a full-sized vacuum does, however that’s what you want. An excessive amount of suction might trigger the mud to maneuver to different elements of the console, probably breaking them. That’s why, even with a transportable vacuum, you need to at all times apply it to the bottom setting doable. It might take longer to suck up the mud, however there’s much less probability of damaging adjoining elements.

By no means use a full-sized vacuum cleaner for the job. Even on its lowest setting, there’s an excessive amount of suction. Plus, many of the nozzles are too large for the comparatively delicate PS4.

Tips about Stopping Future PlayStation 4 Noise Recurrences

Except there’s a really important buildup of mud, then the cleansing technique outlined above ought to have accomplished the trick. Now that your PlayStation 4 is working as quietly because the day you acquire it, how do you retain it that method? Be sure you observe the following tips.

  1. Get into the behavior of dusting your PS4 at the least weekly. You possibly can skate by with each two weeks, however not more than that. In case you see mud on the surface of the console, you then might be moderately assured that it’s on the within as properly.
  2. Be sure you preserve your PS4 someplace with satisfactory air flow. If the console is already in a decent, enclosed surroundings, it’s extra more likely to get hotter quicker. Which means the centrifugal fan is working method too arduous from the get-go, growing the possibilities of it being noisy.
  3. If you arrange your PlayStation in an leisure middle, don’t push the edges or the again towards a wall or one other floor. Don’t cowl your console with something both. There are air vents on the sides and again of the console that aide the fan in retaining the PS4 from overheating. Blocking the vents means the fan is the one protection towards the console getting too scorching and shutting down. You’ll definitely hear the fan in such a state of affairs.
  4. Do you retain your PS4 horizontal? Strive standing it up for some time. When it’s positioned vertically, there’s much less danger of it overheating. For the reason that console doesn’t get so scorching, the fan can work at a standard price, making much less if any noise.
  5. Know that generally a loud centrifugal fan is simply one thing that occurs no matter how clear the within of your PlayStation is. In case you’re enjoying a recreation that’s graphically gorgeous, it places a more durable demand on the complete console. Which means the fan will probably be louder in comparison with some older video games. The one resolution is to improve your PS4 to the most recent accessible mannequin or tune it out. It’s also possible to flip up the quantity in your TV or put on headphones.

In case you sense it’s one thing else that’s inflicting your PS4 centrifugal fan to run so loudly, you would possibly need to contact Sony in regards to the subject. In case your guarantee has expired, then strive a trusted console restore individual. They’ll assess what’s inflicting the fan to be noisy with out you having to take aside the console your self. You possibly can then both get the PlayStation repaired or improve to a more recent, sleeker and hopefully quieter PS4.


The PlayStation 4 is a enjoyable console, however when its centrifugal fan begins working on overdrive, it ruins your recreation. More often than not, mud accumulation is the rationale the fan is so noisy, however not at all times. Lack of air flow and video games with excessive graphical demand can even put a pressure on the fan.

Though it’s tempting, I don’t suggest you disassemble your console to get to the fan. A handheld vacuum cleaner can suck up mud with out voiding any warranties. Simply watch out!

Now that you know the way to take care of your PS4 fan with out taking the console aside, you will get into the sport with no fan to remove from the expertise.

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