How to Make A Coolant Vacuum Filler

How to Make A Coolant Vacuum Filler

Tips on how to Make A Coolant Vacuum Filler

Coolant vacuum filler is a useful software, isn’t it? To make your car’s utilization and upkeep simple, we will all the time rely upon a Vacuum-assisted cooling system filler. However have you learnt learn how to make a coolant vacuum cleaner?

So what it does is it places a vacuum on your entire cooling system. It sucks out all of the air, collapses all of the hoses and, then when you get all of the air out of the course, you possibly can slowly open up the opposite valve, and it’ll pull the cooling again into the system.

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So the profit you get from that is that you understand a few of these autos you get with the that you simply get an actual awful air pocket, and you’ve got a tough time getting the cooling system to burp afterward.

Coolant Vacuum Filler

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Making A Coolant Vacuum Cleaner

Utilizing a coolant vacuum filler, it’s possible you’ll cease all of that. It fills the cooling system

totally. So you possibly can by no means get an air pocket. And as soon as you’re all set, you pull this off, simply prime it off a little bit bit, and it’s good to go.

Step 1:

To make use of this software, the very first thing you’re going to want is a clear bucket and fill it up with a 50/50 combination of any antifreeze the car calls.

For example, it’s possible you’ll use the NAPA UNIVERSAL EXTENDED LIFE after which clearly 50 p.c coolant and 50 p.c water, or when you purchase the premix diluted, you may as well use that.

We often like so as to add 3 to 4 gallons of the combination into a pleasant clear 5-gallon bucket. You are able to do this proper out of the jugs, however it does make it so much simpler when you use it out of a bucket.

Step 2:

When you get the bucket crammed up, then you’re going to take the software. Ensure each

valves are closed and set up it within the radiator fill. Then you possibly can connect the store air.

Slowly open the valve on the identical facet of the store air. Watch the gauge up till it goes into the inexperienced zone, after which I like to depart it there for a minute or two simply to make sure we obtained all of the air out.

Step 3:

Now shut the valve and ensure it holds the strain. When you see that the system is having, you place the top with the filter into the

clear bucket of coolant.

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You’ll want to slowly open the fill valve and let the feed line refill completely with antifreeze. Then you possibly can shut it and reapply vacuum to the system.

Step 4:

As soon as it will get again up into the inexperienced space, you possibly can shut off the air after which

as soon as once more, slowly open the feed line. Simply proceed to let it fill till there isn’t a extra vacuum within the system. Then you possibly can shut off the feed line, take away the store air and take away the filler from the filler neck.

How to Make A Coolant Vacuum Filler

Issues to recollect:

  • It’s important to guarantee that your feed line stays wholly submerged within the coolant as a result of if not, it’s going to suck up air, after which principally, you must begin throughout.
  • So as soon as you are taking the exams are off, there’s a likelihood that you must prime to coll it off a little bit bit after. There could be a little bit little bit of house left within the bottle, however this factor will get all of the air out of the system for essentially the most half.
  • It’s all the time good apply to guarantee that the thermostat opens up. Ensure the followers come on. Just remember to should not have any air pockets. The software does an ideal job of eliminating all these, however it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to all the time double-check your work.

In your ease, I’m placing some product names right here to be sure you get the correct software for the correct job.

Instruments you should utilize

✅ UView 550000 Airlift Cooling System Leak Checker and Airlock Purge

Device Equipment

✅ OEMTOOLS 24444 Coolant System Refiller Equipment, 5 Adapters |

✅ Robinair 75260 Coolant Refiller with Air Lock Preventer

✅ Astro Pneumatic Device 78585 Common Radiator Strain Tester &

Vacuum Kind Cooling System Equipment

Is there another strategy to fill a cooling system?

Sure, there may be one other cool strategy to fill a cooling system, and it doesn’t contain a funnel. It’s powerful to get the air pockets out of the cooling system in some vehicles solely as a result of they’re designed in any other case.

Once more, the software’s function is principally to fill the cooling system with none air pockets. The software that we could use is the ASTRONOMICS Cooling System Grasp Service Equipment, which features a vacuum sealing unit, a strain tester, and a bunch of various adapters to adapt your explicit cooling system to the take a look at package.

When you have a cooling system that could be very laborious to bleed the air out of and you must take it to any person, there’s a likelihood that they might ask for a excessive worth for that.

Tips on how to make this cooling system work?


What you’re going to do is take the adapter that matches your explicit automobile. Put it on to the radiator cap. Then you’ll seize the vacuum generator that may pull a vacuum on the system. You’ll want to connect that to the adapter.


It’s important to take compressed air and hook it to the generator’s prime, and you’ll flip it on.


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Open the opposite valve, depart the following one closed, and you’re going to see the gauge pull a vacuum on the system. Look ahead to a few minutes or so to guarantee that there are not any coolant leaks anyplace earlier than filling this factor up.

Now you’ve gotten the whole lot arrange. The coolant is prepared, the hose is ready, and we are going to open the remaining valve. Once we open the valve, it’s going to begin sucking coolant into the system.


The gauge drops all the best way to zero or will get very near zero. That’s how you understand the system will likely be full. So like I stated, you must be sure that the hose stays submerged within the coolant and doesn’t suck air.

As a result of if it sucks air, you fail the entire function of what you are attempting to perform right here. Sometimes verify your coolant stage.


The entire system must be full. One other package that you’re getting the strain tester. Chances are you’ll begin pressurizing and guarantee that

holds earlier than firing the whole lot up.

If it held a vacuum, chances are high it’s going to keep strain, however there’s a risk that one of many gaskets could possibly be getting sucked in underneath a vacuum that’s now getting blown out underneath strain.


Chances are you’ll hearth up the automobile and see for your self what we get. If you happen to discover out the regular strain, it’s possible you’ll launch the stress. Pull the strain tester off.

Put the radiator cap again on. Ensure we nonetheless have warmth and ensure it heats up like it’s imagined to.

The ultimate operate of the Astro package is it’s going to additionally take a look at your radiator cap. So they offer these adapters that may adapt the Astro adapters to your radiator cap, and you then simply pump up the strain tester and ensure it relieves on the appropriate actual strain. Now you understand learn how to make and use a coolant vacuum filler.

how to make a coolant vacuum cleaner


At this level, I wish to put some warning and options to you guys. Earlier than you contact the cooling system in any respect, whether or not it’s taking the radiator cap off or opening the petcock to empty the fluid, or connecting any hoses, all the time guarantee that the engine is cool. If the system stays sizzling, it’s possible you’ll find yourself burning your self.

It is not uncommon for vehicles to have radiator caps, isn’t it? So you possibly can accomplish plenty of issues from this cover utilizing a coolant reservoir tank. It’s important to select the proper coolant. Both you select a chemical coolant or a chemical coolant flush.

The chemical flush goes to assist flush out any contaminants, loosen up any particles, and it’s simply going to make your tremendous flush that significantly better. Ensure you are utilizing distilled water and never filtered water. The one ingredient on this must be pure water.


We all the time advise checking the guide offered by the producer. You additionally ought to verify the sort of coolant you should utilize and its potentials. Test how a lot coolant that your cooling system will make the most of.

These are just about the whole lot you’ll want to know earlier than making a vacuum-assisted cooling system filler.

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