How to build a water bottle bong

How to build a water bottle bong

Easy methods to construct a water bottle bong

What’s a water bottle bong?

Removed from embodying the braindead “stoner” stereotype, the hashish group is definitely fairly ingenious—particularly in the case of throwing collectively makeshift smoking gadgets. The water bottle bong is among the finest examples of this ingenuity.

A water bottle bong is precisely what it seems like: a bong usual out of an outdated water bottle. A water bottle bong shouldn’t be your major smoking software. Actually, it ought to most likely not even be a chunk you employ greater than as soon as. As a substitute, a water bottle bong is a last-ditch effort when you end up in a pinch and haven’t any different strategy to smoke. If you end up on this state of affairs, making a water bottle bong will function a fast, straightforward, and extremely efficient answer. Right here’s every little thing it’s essential to know to construct a water bottle bong from scratch.

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What it’s essential to construct a water bottle bong

  • A plastic water bottle. Use one of many commonplace 17-ounce bottles, and keep away from the smaller ones. It’s also possible to use soda bottles, however you’ll need to wash out the sticky residue first.
  • Scissors, razor blade, or a pointy knife
  • A pen, marker, or highlighter that you just don’t thoughts taking aside
  • Aluminum foil, the thicker the higher, or a small steel pipe bowl that may match contained in the cylindrical physique of your pen, marker, or highlighter
  • A needle or toothpick
  • Water
  • A lighter, match, or hemp wick
  • Your favourite hashish pressure

Step-by-step directions to construct a water bottle bong

Step 1: Put together the plastic bottle

Discover a plastic water bottle; the usual 17-ounce measurement works finest. For those who can’t discover a plastic water bottle, you may as well use a soda bottle. Simply make certain you’re taking some further time to wash the within totally — you don’t need all that sticky residue from the soda getting in the best way of your smoking expertise. When you’ve obtained a clear bottle, take away the wrapper to make it simpler to work with.

Step 2: Put together the downstem

Subsequent, it’s essential to make a downstem that may home some form of bowl. To make a downstem, you’ll want to make use of both an everyday ballpoint pen, a marker, or a highlighter. A barely fatter marker (suppose the fats Crayola Magic Markers) or a thicker highlighter are likely to work the most effective, however a traditional pen is doable, too. Take aside the pen, marker, or highlighter and take away all of the insides; you solely want the empty cylindrical physique of the pen, marker or highlighter. This empty plastic tube will function your downstem. Now it’s essential to pair your downstem with a bowl.

Step 3: Make a bowl

For those who occur to have a steel pipe bowl available, see if it suits contained in the plastic cylinder out of your pen, marker, or highlighter. If it suits, you’re good to go.

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If the steel pipe bowl doesn’t match, or in case you don’t have a steel pipe bowl useful, use aluminum foil. Tear off a medium to giant piece of foil. Fold the foil over a few occasions to make it a bit thicker and extra substantial. Now place the foil over the underside finish of the cylinder out of your pen, marker, or highlighter. Fold the sides of the foil down to carry it in place. Subsequent, use a fingertip to softly press down on the foil, making a slight indentation with out tearing the foil. Use a needle or toothpick to poke three to 5 tiny holes within the foil. That is the bowl that may maintain your herb, so make sure that the holes aren’t too massive, in any other case your hashish would possibly fall by means of.

Step 4: Insert the downstem

Use both scissors, a razor blade, or a knife to chop a small gap within the aspect of the water bottle, roughly an inch or so under the halfway level. It’s also possible to use a lighter to soften a gap into the bottle; simply don’t breathe within the fumes. Make the outlet barely large enough on your downstem to suit inside. As soon as you identify a match, insert the downstem into the bottle, at a downward angle, in order that it nearly reaches the underside of the bottle.

Step 5: Make a carb gap

Rotate the bottle 90° from the downstem and make one other small gap within the aspect of the bottle, utilizing no matter technique you utilized in Step 4. This can be your carb gap, so make certain it’s ready that may allow you to maintain the bottle comfortably along with your finger positioned on high of this new opening.

Step 6: Add water

With the downstem inserted down into the bottle, maintain the complete gadget upright and thoroughly pour in sufficient water to submerge the underside of the downstem. As soon as the underside of the downstem is underwater, you’re all set.

Step 7: Pack the bowl

Grind up your bud and gently pack it into your bowl. Insert the bowl into the downstem and prepare to smoke.

Step 8: Spark up

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To smoke your water bottle bong, use the common mouth of the bottle as your mouthpiece. Maintain the bottle sideways with the downstem and bowl sticking up however away out of your face. Place your thumb or finger over the carb gap. Use a lighter, match, or hemp wick to ignite the marijuana. Use your lungs to tug in by means of the mouthpiece. As you do, the smoke will get sucked down into the bottle and start effervescent up by means of the water.

Step 9: Clear the bong

Once you’re able to take successful, take away your thumb or finger from the carb gap and pull the smoke up by means of the bottle and into your lungs.

Why folks smoke out of water bottle bongs

The one actual motive folks smoke out of water bottle bongs is as a result of they haven’t any different — or higher — smoking gadget available. A water bottle bong is a stopgap answer, not a software for normal repeated use. You need to solely make and smoke out of a water bottle bong once you’re in a pinch. In any other case, use an actual glass bong.

Why folks keep away from water bottle bongs

Water bottle bongs aren’t meant to be everlasting, repeat-use smoking instruments for a number of causes. For starters, water bottle bongs aren’t all that sturdy; they’re merely handmade, thrown-together smoking instruments. Additional, smoking out of plastic and aluminum foil is way from supreme, particularly since each substances can create extremely poisonous fumes when burned or melted.

Backside line

Smoking out of an actual glass bong will all the time be a greater, safer, cleaner, and extra pleasurable strategy to smoke hashish, however when you don’t have any different choices, go forward and have enjoyable making a water bottle bong.

Photograph by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

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