How can I turn off TNT block damage?

How can I turn off TNT block damage?

How can I flip off TNT block injury?

So that is difficult, however not a lot worse than stopping a participant from crafting a diamond sword. The most important distinction right here is that all the things should occur on the identical tick, and it should occur each tick. This precludes the technique I used within the linked reply; a 20hz fill clock is just about a necessity, whereas I might use a slower, easier clock in that different reply. For this to work, you’re nonetheless going to need to disable mob griefing, as I’m utilizing ghast fireballs to create the precise explosion. It’s additionally attainable to have the impact, however trigger 0 injury to gamers or different entities, and I’ll add the instructions for that on the finish.

Step one is to arrange a scoreboard goal to trace TNT that’s about to blow up:

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/scoreboard targets add TNTGoBoom dummy

Subsequent, we have to arrange a fill clock. You’ll want two command blocks in a column with an air block separating them. Within the backside, enter the next command:

fill ~ ~1 ~ ~3 ~1 ~ air

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and within the prime one, enter this command:

fill ~ ~-1 ~ ~3 ~-1 ~ redstone_block

Put a redstone block between the 2, and you’ve got your fill clock. Ideally, this received’t be close to a piece boundary, however mine was and it nonetheless labored high quality. Humorous stuff can begin occurring if a part of a fill clock will get unloaded from reminiscence, but when it’s a spawn chunk otherwise you’re all the time close to the clock, you don’t have to fret.

It’s best to see three extra redstone blocks out one facet. You’re going to place down three extra command blocks adjoining to the redstone blocks (ideally above or under). So as of closest to the primary two command blocks, the instructions you need to use are:

scoreboard gamers set @e[type=PrimedTnt] TNTGoBoom 1 {Fuse:0b} execute @e[type=PrimedTnt,score_TNTGoBoom=1] ~ ~ ~ summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {course:[0.0,-1.0,0.0],ExplosionPower:4,Fuse:0,Time:-1,TileEntityData:{CustomName:”TNT”},ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:10,Amplifier:10,Ambient:1}]} kill @e[type=PrimedTnt,score_TNTGoBoom=1]

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Okay, let’s go over these three instructions. The primary units the scoreboard worth for the TNTGoBoom goal to 1 for each TNT that’s able to explode on the following tick. That is how we monitor the TNT. The subsequent command summons an invisible fireball on the precise location of the TNT, shifting instantly downwards, and with the identical explosive energy of a bit of TNT. That is what’s going to truly trigger the explosion impact and injury to gamers/entities, however since mob griefing is turned off it received’t injury the terrain. Lastly, we kill (successfully delete) the TNT that’s about to blow up in order that it doesn’t injury the terrain.

Now if you wish to nonetheless have the explosion impact with out inflicting any injury, then you’ll want to exchange the fireball summon command with 2 command blocks (and due to this fact lengthen your fill clock by another block):

execute @e[type=PrimedTnt,score_TNTGoBoom=1] ~ ~ ~ particle hugeexplosion ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 1 execute @e[type=PrimedTnt,score_TNTGoBoom=1] ~ ~ ~ playsound ggstore.netode @a ~ ~ ~

These two instructions create the particle impact and sound of TNT exploding, however that’s it. There’s no injury to the world, gamers, or entities should you use this as an alternative of the fireball methodology.

Addendum: So that is actually going to mess up issues like TNT cannons. I had this operating in my artistic world the place I used to be beforehand testing an infinite TNT cannon, and whereas it kinda works (the projectile TNT nonetheless shoots out a bit), it tends to ship a fireball into the sky. Additionally, utilizing because of this every TNT block must be lit individually, since with mob-griefing off, the fireball received’t gentle others close by. I’m positive there’s a means round this with a little bit extra command-block-fu. Truly, I do know there’s a means to do that, I’m simply not 100% on the main points but.

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