DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb

DIY Hollow Out A Light Bulb

DIY Hole Out A Gentle Bulb

Once I was rising up I had a eager curiosity within the sciences. Principally due to the cool gear that scientists used, you understand, beakers, flasks, Bunsen burners that form of factor. Properly, not solely did I not have the cash for these kinds of factor however I had no thought the place to even purchase them if I may. So I needed to improvise. One of many higher improvisations I used to be capable of do was to hole out a light-weight bulb and use it for different issues. The glass that makes the envelope of the construct is sort of warmth resistant and the screw base is nice to connect issues to (even higher if you could find previous ones with brass bases, you’ll be able to solder to these). I made a lot of small boilers so as to find out about steam and distillation. I hope to indicate those who even when a bulb burns out, it will possibly nonetheless be helpful.

Step 1

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Lightbulb project

You have to some frequent instruments, a screwdriver (common) and snips (or needle nostril pliers). Use no matter bulb you will have useful. *CAUTION* By no means use a fluorescent bulb for this challenge, irrespective of how cool it seems. The powder used to coat the within of them is made out of phosphor and is sort of poisonous. You’re additionally working with glass, so use eye safety! You possibly can’t see mine as a result of I’m sporting them. You also needs to use gloves or wrap the bulb in a towel simply in case it breaks. Yeah, you’ll be able to’t see mine as a result of i didn’t have any useful. So do as I say and never as I do, bought it?

Step 2

Lightbulb project

First, grip the little solder level and provides it a superb twist. You’ll free the brass contact and break one of many wires resulting in the filament.

Step 3

Lightbulb project

As soon as the contact has been pulled out, rigorously crack the glass insulator. The chips from this are fairly pervasive, they get into absolutely anything within the space and they’re razor sharp. Use warning.

Step 4

Lightbulb project

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After the insulator has been eliminated you’ll be able to see the within helps of the filament and the fill gap. Within the previous days bulbs had been evacuated of environment to maintain the filament from oxidising and burning by. Now days the glass envelope is again stuffed with an inert fuel like argon. The retains the filament from burning by and makes the bulbs safer.

Step 5

Lightbulb project

Use the screwdriver to interrupt the fill tube.

Step 6

Lightbulb project

The fill tube could possibly be saved for a later challenge if you want.

Step 7

Lightbulb project

Now you can shake the filament meeting out of the tube. If the tungsten wire remains to be intact you could possibly in all probability discover a good use for it. You might make one other gentle bulb in case your caught for one thing to do I suppose.

Step 8

Lightbulb project

The bulb wants a superb cleansing. This powder, is known as kaolin and is fairly secure. You need to nonetheless watch out and maintain it away out of your mouth and something you would possibly eat close to.

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Step 9

Lightbulb project

Thoughts the sharp bits of glass within the socket when doing this. You probably have some cussed bits within it which you could’t get to with this method you’ll be able to fill the bulb with a bit of salt and shake it about. this could scour the powder off the partitions.

Step 10

Lightbulb project

There you might be, an empty gentle bulb prepared for a brand new lease on life.

For example I constructed this neo-Victorian New Age Flemming like valve out of a discarded bulb.

A extra conventional use is as a vessel to boil water. I wouldn’t use too scorching of a flame, a candle or an alcohol burner ought to be about as a lot warmth as it is best to use. It’s in any case solely a light-weight bulb. Actual lab ware is far thicker and might take extra warmth. Nonetheless, for the newbie experimenter this may be useful to have.

I hope you will have loved this little challenge and have enjoyable making helpful issues out of what was as soon as junk.


A couple of of the dimmer bulbs insist on sending me feedback on how this can make nice drug paraphernalia. Please maintain these feedback to your self as I delete them ASAP. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make one thing right into a pipe and that’s not why I wrote this tutorial. Thanks.

(Could 6, 2007)

One other helpful that may be made with a used gentle bulb (extra)seeds_in_bulb

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