Dark Souls 3 Guts Build: The Best Black Swordsman Build

Dark Souls 3 Guts Build: The Best Black Swordsman Build

Darkish Souls 3 Guts Construct: The Finest Black Swordsman Construct

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Berserk was certainly one of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s most vital influences when it got here to creating the Darkish souls sequence. Miyazaki was an enormous fan of Kentaro Miura’s magnum opus, which explains the numerous Berserk references all through the Darkish Souls sequence. One among these references occurs to be the flexibility to create builds that appears nearly precisely like Guts, the protagonist of Berserk. Right here I cowl the Darkish Souls 3 Guts construct. I hope you discover this information helpful. For different Darkish Souls 3 guides, try Darkish Souls 3 Finest Religion Weapons and Darkish Souls 3 Fireplace Keeper Soul.

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Finest Darkish Souls 3 Guts Construct

The construct focuses totally on Power with just a little Dexterity requirement and will be categorized as a Power construct. I will likely be overlaying each arc of the manga.

The Golden Age Arc

The golden age of Berserk lined the third to 14th volumes of the manga and gave the basic guts look. So as to appear like Guts from Berserk’s golden age arc, you will have the Anonymous Knight Helm, Sellsword armor, Sellsword gauntlets, Sellsword leggings, Astora greatsword, and the sunshine Crossbow. We suggest a energy degree of 40 and a dexterity degree of 20.

dark souls 3 guts build
Guts Golden age construct (Credit: Youtube)

Anonymous Knight Helmet

Right here’s the way you purchase this helmet: go to the outdated wolf of Farron bonfire in Farron maintain, go down the ladder and proceed to observe the campfires in entrance of you. You must come throughout a rock; within the left nook, you can find the Anonymous knight helmet. It resembles the helmet Guts wore throughout his early days with griffin.

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dark souls 3 guts build
Anonymous Knight Helmet

Sellword Armour Set

Starting the sport as a mercenary is a technique you may get this Darkish SOuls 3 Guts armor. Alternatively, you could find the set within the crucifixion woods. You will discover this set on a corpse mendacity by the steps that are defended by a Black Knight. The set resembles the armour Guts wore throughout his time with Griffin’s band through the earlier chapters of Berserk.

dark souls 3 guts build
Sellsword Armour Set

Astora Greatsword

You will discover the Astora greatsword within the cathedral of the deep. You will discover it in a corpse mendacity within the graveyard near the cleaning chapel within the cathedral of the deep. It seems to be equivalent to the sword Guts wields throughout his early days with the band of the falcons.

dark souls 3 guts build
Astora Greatsword

Gentle Crossbow

You should purchase the sunshine Crossbow from Greirat or decide it up from the Crossbow wielding enemy sorts within the sport’s earlier ranges. Guts all the time had a crossbow on him through the Golden age.

dark souls 3 guts build
mild Crossbow

Conviction Arc

The conviction arc is the third arc of Berserk and follows the golden age arc. It covers volumes 14 by 21 of the manga. For the conviction arc Guts, you’ll require the Undead Legion armor, the Sellsword gauntlets, Alva Leggings, and the Greatsword. We suggest a energy degree of fifty and a dexterity degree of 12 for this construct.

dark souls 3 guts build
Conviction arc guts construct (Credit: Reddit)

Undead Legion Armour

The undead legion armor set will be acquired after getting defeated the abyss watchers. It may be purchased from the handmaiden sitting on the firelink shrine for 31000 souls. This armour seems to be equivalent to the one Guts wore through the Aonviction Arc.

dark souls 3 guts build
Undead Legion Set

Alva Leggings

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Alva leggings can solely be obtained after you’ve been invaded by and defeated the darkish spirit Alva (she invades you on the staircase that takes you to the Irithyll dungeon bonfire). You shouldn’t have defeated Yhorm, should you do, Alva doesn’t invade. The Alva leggings will be discovered by a corpse within the Irithyll dungeon. These leggings, coupled with the Undead Legion armour give us a set that appears close to equivalent to what Guts wore through the conviction period Arc. You may also wish to try the Finest Talisman of Darkish Souls 3 as nicely.

Alva leggings


The Greatsword will be present in Farron Maintain. In Farron Maintain, not removed from the primary bonfire, there’s a damaged bridge, on that bridge is a corpse that carries the Greatsword. It’s equivalent to the sword that Guts Construct carries in Berserk and in addition occurs to be one of many biggest greatswords within the sport. This sword can be in all probability a reference to the Darkish Fantasy sequence as a consequence of its hanging resemblance with guts’ personal sword.

dark souls 3 guts build
The Greatsword

Fantasia Arc

The Fantasia arc is the fifth and present arc of Berserk. It begins from chapter 4, however Miura’s unlucky passing has solid uncertainty over its conclusion. For the Fantasia Arc Guts look, you’ll require Iron Dragonslayer armour together with the black knight gauntlets and leggings and the Greatsword.

dark souls 3 guts build
Fantasia Arc Berserk (Credit: Reddit)

Iron Dragonslayer Set

You’ll be able to purchase the Ieon Dragonslayer set by defeating the Dragonslayer armour within the ringed metropolis (you want the ringed metropolis DLC for this). Alternatively, you should use the dragonslayer set acquired after defeating the anonymous king and strolling straight from his bonfire, although the iron dragonslayer set resembles the Fantasia Arc Guts’ armor much more.

dark souls 3 guts build
Iron Dragonslayer set

Black Knight Gauntlets/Leggings

You’ll be able to decide up the Black Knight Leggings or Gauntlets by beating the Black Knights discovered within the sport. A very good farming space could be the world after the Champion Gundyr bonfire for lots of Black Knights will be discovered there. These gauntlets and leggings complement the Iron Dragonslayer armor, wanting like darkish souls 3 guts construct armour from the Fantasia period arc.

dark souls 3 guts build
Black Knight set, displaying the gauntlet and the leggings

On high of all this, I might suggest utilizing the havel’s ring, and the ring of favor for they assist with carrying capability and guts builds are just a little in direction of the heavier facet. If you are right here, additionally try Darkish Souls 3 Katana Construct, and Luck Construct.

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