Cosplay head tutorial part 1!

Cosplay head tutorial part 1!

Cosplay head tutorial half 1!


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I’ve been having many inspiring younger artists eager to make thier personal cosplay heads and asking me easy methods to make them. It’s a very lengthy course of and onerous to elucidate in textual content so i needed to make a fast and hopefully simple to observe tutorial for anybody who needs to make one in all these masks!!

:yellow_heart: :cherry_blossom: So right here we go! :cherry_blossom: :yellow_heart:

user uploaded image

:yellow_heart: Im utilizing my Spring Bonnie :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: progress photos to make the pinnacle! :yellow_heart:

:yellow_heart: :purple_heart: MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED! :yellow_heart: :purple_heart:

::Sofa/Matress foam

::Sizzling glue ( plenty of it!)

::Buckram (materials for the eyes)

::Mannequin magic (tooth)


::Sharpy pen

::Mattress springs (ears)

::silver duct tape (endo particulars)

::Plastic spheres (elective)

::Fleese or any sort of cloth

::elastics (for the movable jaw)

::TIME AND PATIENCE!! These guys usually are not simple to make and is usually a problem. However dont fear issues get higher with time and foam may be very forgiving so if you happen to mess up its not the tip of the world. You may make it higher so simply strive your greatest!!

Alright onto the tutorial!

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Very first thing you wish to do is draw out your design of your cosplay and even get a ref pic of what you wish to observe.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image


The very first thing that you just wish to do is messure your head by taking your sheet of froth and wrapping it round your head. When you try this use a sharpy to mark the place the highest of your head is, your jaw and the place the again of your head.

As soon as you bought it lower out to your measurements simply glue to the ends collectively.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image



The dome for me is often the toughest half in making your Cosplay head. You simply wish to just be sure you have a spherical form to it. Right here is 2 strategies i drew up which you could observe by. There’s the peice technique of what i used or you are able to do the pinch technique which is a lot simpler!

Merely pinch the 4 corners of the highest of the pinnacle and draw out the triangles it makes. Then lower out the triangles and glue the peices again collectively to get the cylinder to spherical itself out.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image


Now to begin to construct the shapes of the face corresponding to cheeks, muzzle, and bridge of the nostril. Simply use your sizzling glue to stay on. This construct you’ve proper now could be the highest jaw so make the nostril on the bottem and ensure that your chin is out while you put on it so the underside jaw could be made after.

After you bought the blocky shapes on, use your scissors to chop away and sculpt the begin to discovered the perimeters to make it spherical. This can flip your own home right into a snow globe XD

user uploaded imageuser uploaded imageuser uploaded image


Now that you just received the entire prime a part of the pinnacle sculpted and to your liking you can begin and make the ears! I made springbonnie’s ears out of two items of 1 inch foam glues collectively and sculpted spherical. On a sheet of froth draw out your ear form and lower it out and replica it for the second ear so they’re the identical form.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image

To connect the ears i used mattress springs to offer them that good bouncy motion to them! Be sure that to essentially glue them on there with the new glue so that they dont fall off or concern of breaking.

user uploaded image


Now to make the jaw!! Simply take your head and place it on the complete sheet of froth or at the least a peice that’s the measurement of the pinnacle. Use your sharpy to attract round it and replica the form so its the identical measurement because the higher jaw.

I used salvage for that ref hehehe

user uploaded imageuser uploaded imageuser uploaded image

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Even add some peices on the ends of the jaw to sculpt out cheeks and depth

user uploaded image


Particulars and tooth!!

Now for the extra enjoyable half and that’s so as to add all of the little particulars to your character that may make them distinctive and actually come out like they only walked proper out of the pizzaria!

First make certain to place cardboard on the backside of your jaw. That can assist it keep stiff while you transfer the jaw.

user uploaded image

I at all times make the endo element within the mouth to offer it that animatronic look. I additionally take some black pleather and coated the underside to offer it that extra darkish phantasm

user uploaded image

Subsequent is now time to make the tooth! For the tooth i used mannequin magic which is a self drying clay like materials that’s actually gentle and straightforward to work with. Simply make fats squars for ol’ spring bonnie’s tooth. Depart them to dry for a number of days earlier than placing them within the mouth.

As soon as dry you’ll be able to then sizzling glue them into the jaws of your animatronic.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image


Movable jaw and attaching the jaws collectively.

For this prosses i exploit elastics so they provide it that spring again while you put on it so the jaw will open and shut.

I at all times glue it on the within 2 instances. One thick one to attach the 2 jaws collectively, and the second to be pulled tight so the jaw shuts so when i put him on when i transfer my mouth his ought to transfer with me.

user uploaded imageuser uploaded image

Thats it for the primary a part of the tutorial!!

Solely 25 pic restrict isnt enouph to elucidate

So right here is the hyperlink to half 2!!

Half 2

Subsequent tutorial is eyes and fabrication to conplete!!

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