Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes? (Hazards, & Serving size)

Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes? (Hazards, & Serving size)

Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes? (Hazards, & Serving measurement)

Peas are a wonderful snack for guinea pigs, and our guinea pigs like to munch on them, however what about pea flakes? A whole lot of guinea pigs house owners typically ask if their guinea pigs can eat pea flakes? How good is it for the guinea pigs? I additionally had just a few doubts relating to the identical in my thoughts, so I made a decision to do a little analysis, and here’s what I realized.

Guinea pigs can eat pea flakes. Pea flake is a good snack for them; nevertheless, serves it moderately to keep away from well being points. If you happen to feed them excessively, the excessive protein in pea flakes can result in weight problems and urinary issues in guinea pigs.

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So, pea flakes usually are not a daily a part of their weight-reduction plan, then what’s? A balanced weight-reduction plan for guinea pigs consists of 80% hay, 15% Greens, 5% pellets, and a few occasional treats.

If you would like that your guinea pigs stay wholesome and stay an extended life, then it’s best to ensure you present them a well-balanced weight-reduction plan.

If you happen to stay within the U.S, then pea flakes may not be one thing you will get in your native retailer close by.

Nonetheless, I’ve discovered this implausible bag of pea flakes(on ETSY), which you will get in your guinea pigs.

I’m positive your guinea pigs will fall in love with them. My guinea pigs can’t cease wheeking after they comprehend it’s coming!

In case you are not sure what pea flakes are then let me clear it out first:

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What are pea flakes?

JR Farm Pea Flakes

Pea flakes are snacks principally made out of dried break up inexperienced peas. The peas are processed and rolled utilizing a rolling pin(with no added ingredient) after which baked additional to type a crunchy and attractive wanting snack.

They’re more healthy than different treats as they include no added components like sugar or preservatives. They’re made up of a single natural vegetable, and that’s inexperienced pea.

So, now that what pea flakes are allow us to take a look at its vitamins.

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Diet in pea flakes?

Pea flakes are wealthy in Nutritional vitamins, Protein, Fiber, and different important vitamins like Lysine, Magnesium, And so on. As pea flakes are made out of peas, they’re wealthy in Vitamin c, Vitamin A, and different important nutritional vitamins which are wanted for the right functioning of the physique.

Pea flakes are additionally a wonderful supply of protein, which is important for the expansion of the physique. It additionally helps in gaining some weight for those who’re underweight.

They’re additionally wealthy sources of Lysine and magnesium, which is used for the prevention of varied ailments and making the immune system stronger.

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Okay Okay! I received that pea flakes are wonderful sources of nutritional vitamins and different important vitamins for our guinea pigs, however is there one thing improper that may hurt our guinea pigs? Let’s discover out!

Are pea flakes unhealthy for guinea pigs?

No, pea flakes are protected for our guinea pigs until we overfeed it. Something in extra might be unhealthy for his or her well being, and the identical goes for pea flakes additionally.

Listed here are some widespread issues that may be attributable to overfeeding pea flakes to your guinea pigs:

  • Weight problems: Pea flakes are excessive in protein and in addition accommodates some fats in it. It’s okay if we feed it in small portions; nevertheless, extreme feeding may end up in weight achieve and weight problems in the long term.
  • Urinary drawback: Pea flakes are a wonderful supply of uncommon vitamins like Lysine that’s wanted in a small quantity. Nonetheless, extreme doses of the Lysine can result in urinary issues in guinea pigs.
  • Diarrhea: Guinea pigs have a delicate digestive system. If we feed something in extra or introduce new meals shortly, then it could result in diarrhea in guinea pigs. At all times ensure you add new meals slowly and feed in it small portions to keep away from such well being points.

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Are pea flakes good for guinea pigs?

Sure, pea flakes do include some good vitamins that are useful for our guinea pigs. A number of the advantages of pea flakes for our guinea pigs embrace:

Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes
Image Credit: Loki, Thor, Herbie and Lumi , Instagram Deal with: lokiandthor18
  • Wealthy supply of Nutritional vitamins: Pea flakes are a wonderful supply of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin Ok, and different important vitamins which are wanted by our guinea pigs. Whereas Vitamin C helps in fortifying their immune system, Vitamin A helps in enhancing eyesight and restoration of tissues. Vitamin Ok can be essential for them because it helps in faster therapeutic of wounds.
  • Helps forestall ailments: Pea flakes are wealthy in lysine & different antioxidants that assist forestall a number of ailments in guinea pigs. It’s needed to offer a weight-reduction plan wealthy in such an antioxidant for the great well being of our guinea pigs. Tomatoes, Pears & bell pepper are different sources of such antioxidants.
  • Good for his or her intestine: Pea flakes are wealthy in fiber as properly. Fiber is likely one of the most important vitamins wanted by our guinea pigs. Having a delicate digestive system, guinea pigs want a weight-reduction plan wealthy in fiber to verify their digestive system stays balanced, and their bowel motion stays good.

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Are pea flakes good for coaching guinea pigs?

Sure, pea flakes are a wonderful alternative to coach and tame our guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can construct an in depth bond with house owners who hand feed them, and there can’t be something higher than pea flakes for a similar.

Some guinea pig house owners additionally use pea flakes as a optimistic reinforcement to show their guinea pigs some tips. Though if you’re planning on doing the identical, ensure you break up the flake into half and serve solely a few items to keep away from extreme feeding.

So, how a lot pea flakes are you able to really feed to your guinea pigs? I requested just a few consultants locally in addition to my vet pal to get slightly extra perception. Let’s see what I discovered!

How a lot pea flakes can guinea pigs eat?

Consultants locally suggest feeding one or two pea flakes each day. You possibly can toss an additional one in if you’re taming your guinea pig however by no means transcend that quantity.

Do ensure you don’t transcend two in case your guinea pigs are chubby already. Doing so can result in weight problems within the long-run, which might additional result in severe well being points in your guinea pigs.

Younger guinea pigs or nursing guinea pigs do want some additional protein and vitamins, so feeding them two-three flakes shall be cheap.

You too can feed two-three chips to an underweight guinea pig if you wish to assist them achieve some weight.

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Can guinea pigs eat pea flakes each day?

Sure, guinea pigs can eat pea flakes each day, contemplating you serve it moderately. If you happen to don’t exceed the instructed feeding we have now mentioned earlier, then you should not have any issues in any respect.

Pea flakes are wholesome snacks for our guinea pigs, and you may feed them often with none potential dangers.

How you can make guinea pig pea flakes?

Pea Flakes for guinea pig – How you can make

Making pea flakes at house is fairly easy. You possibly can observe the steps beneath to make it in your guinea pigs:

  • Get a bag of natural break up inexperienced peas and soak it in lukewarm water for just a few hours.
  • As soon as the pea is soaked and delicate, you should use a rolling pin to flatten the peas.
  • Subsequent, you should use a baking tray, place a parchment paper sheet and place all of the rolled peas on high.
  • Warmth the oven(convection mode) at 50°C or 125°F and place the baking tray in for baking. It ought to take round 25-Half-hour for the pea flakes to utterly dry out and change into crunchy.
  • Now you can retailer it in a closed hermetic container for just a few weeks with none issues. Serve it to your guinea pigs everytime you really feel like providing one.

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Sure, you too can make pea flakes at residence; nevertheless, I’ve observed that the dimensions of the flakes and the standard of home made flakes usually are not the very best ones for hand-feeding your guinea pig.

I as an alternative feed this superb pea flake that I received from amazon. Nonetheless, I shall depart the choice as much as you whether or not you wish to get a bag or make it your self.

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Different wholesome treats for guinea pigs

Sure, pea flakes are wonderful snacks for our guinea pigs, however what are another choices of wholesome snacks you may provide them?

Listed here are just a few my guinea pigs go loopy for. It’s best to give it a strive, and I wager your guinea pigs will find it irresistible.

Industrial ready-made treats: Industrial treats make a tasty deal with for our guinea pigs; nevertheless, they’re excessive on energy as properly.

Most business treats include some added sugar that’s horrible for our guinea pigs.

Thus, I did some analysis and located these superb treats which are wholesome in addition to low in energy for our guinea pigs. Be happy to verify them out:

  • Oxbow All Pure Oven Baked Treats with Bell Pepper and Timothy Grass
  • Oxbow Easy Rewards Baked Treats – Apple & Banana

Contemporary fruits: Contemporary fruits additionally make superb snacks for our guinea pigs. You possibly can provide fruits like Oranges, Apples, Watermelon, Peaches, Bananas, Strawberries, And so on to your guinea pigs. There are many different fruits as properly. You possibly can refer our checklist of 70+ fruits for guinea pigs to be taught extra about it.

Meals bowls are a should for our guinea pigs. Whether or not its time to serve some pellets or veggies, you want a tip-proof bowl in your guinea pigs, and staybowl should be your solely decide. They’re sturdy and don’t flip over, creating a multitude as different bowls do.

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pea flakes for guinea pigs

Are pea flakes a wonderful snack in your guinea pigs? Sure, guinea pigs like to munch on pea flakes, and that’s wholesome in your guinea pigs as properly.

Nonetheless, pea flakes are wealthy in proteins, and good fat that may result in weight achieve within the guinea pig is fed excessively. Thus, it’s endorsed to serve small portions of pea flakes to your guinea pigs.

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