A Free Way On How To Make A Subwoofer Box Louder

A Free Way On How To Make A Subwoofer Box Louder

A Free Manner On How To Make A Subwoofer Field Louder

Subwoofers are naturally loud and explosive, particularly when these units are put in on automobiles or dwelling theater methods. For lots of people, a extra rich-sounding bass can change the video or the music considerably. If the subwoofer can’t produce that explosive growth, it can begin to really feel like one thing’s lacking. If the ability shouldn’t be met, the final word query arises: how do you make your subwoofer louder at no cost?

As per Crutchfield, the bass group shouldn’t be that united. A Subwoofer consumer can both belong within the Camp A, who likes “tight” bass or fall into Camb B, who needs to their bass to sound “boomy”. After all, these from the Camp A would really feel like “boomy” bass is sort of loud, whereas these from Camp B will really feel that “tight” bass shouldn’t be loud sufficient. Because it seems, one of many main elements in a subwoofer bass output is the subwoofer enclosure.

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On this article, we’ll function how subwoofer bins work and the way they are often modified to make your subwoofer louder than earlier than. Moreover, some tweaks for the amp may even be included to get one of the best out of your unit.

Tweak Your Subwoofer field

A subwoofer will need to have an enclosure to maximise its potential as part of the sound system. The enclosure won’t solely offer protection to the unit; it can additionally make enhance the sound of the bass if you out the fitting subwoofer the fitting enclosure. That is additionally the explanation why plenty of audio fans are likely to make their very own enclosures for the subs. There are various kinds of enclosures that you should use relying on the kind of bass that you simply need to hear.


Completely different Sorts Of Subwoofer Containers

  1. Sealed Enclosure

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The sealed enclosure is often utilized by individuals who like a “tight” bass slightly than a “loud” bass. A “tight” bass is achieved when the air is prevented from leaking out of the enclosure. The ringing after the bass hit is definitely decreased, giving a crisp and clear bass sound. These enclosures are often smaller and might mix nicely on decors. Because the cone strikes to make a beat, it’s pushed again by the sealed air, which creates even notes which can be good for hip-hop kind sounds.

  1. Ported Enclosure

A ported enclosure, alternatively, doesn’t limit the cone to maneuver contained in the enclosure. With this, the sound is louder and extra “boomy”. You possibly can catch extra ringing on the finish of a beat. To make this enclosure work, it’s essential make the measurements as correct as potential, accounting for the scale of the sub within the equation. You possibly can’t actually eyeball the field dimension for this one. Ported enclosures are most popular for use when taking part in a rock or metallic track.

  1. Bandpass Enclosure

A bandpass enclosure is the mix of traits from each sealed and ported bins. This field has two chambers, housing each the sealed one and the ported one in a single place. It’s wonderful in all genres of music, however you’d possible get a sub that’s untuned to the port, so be careful for that.

How To Enhance The Sound?

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  1. Fill Your Field With Polyfill or Related Materials (Sealed Enclosure)

Sealed enclosures are often smaller and extra compact than their ported counterparts. The most effective methods to enhance its sound is to fill it with Polyfill. What occurs right here is that by including polyfill, the air contained in the field slows down, giving a deeper and richer bass sound. Make certain to seal it tightly for a greater impact.

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  1. Select A Field With A Sturdier Materials

Though this enchancment works for each Ported and Sealed enclosures, the impact is extra vital in sealed ones. Since sealed enclosures often power sealed air to maneuver across the field, the wooden fibers develop, making it inefficient in the long term. Since sealed enclosures are less complicated and simpler to do, you can also make a DIY field made with a stronger materials than wooden.

  1. Tune Your Subwoofer

It is a free but tedious approach of bettering the sound of your subwoofer. In idea, tuning your sub means discovering the candy spot to place it in a location, in addition to the fitting frequency for the sub’s optimum efficiency. You additionally should calculate the fitting frequency to make use of in your field, which may be overwhelming for lots of people. It’s extra of discovering the fitting settings that go well with the bass and the sound that we would like in our subs.

  1. Choose The Proper Measurement Of Field (Ported Enclosure)

A bigger field doesn’t imply a louder sound in terms of subwoofers, it simply makes the bass response decrease. Due to this fact, you probably have a bigger field than the optimum dimension on your subwoofer, it won’t sound good. Doing this follow may even possible harm your subwoofer due to “free air” over-excursion. Alternatively, a smaller field will want extra energy to carry out the identical.

  1. Tune Your Amp Too

To make the bass sound higher, you may also tune your amp. As soon as performed appropriately, it may well make the sound in all frequencies lots higher. The easiest way to do that is to play a track with a center bass. Enhance quantity features as much as 80%. If it distorts, lower the quantity barely, if not, maintain cranking up the quantity slowly till it begins distorting.


These strategies are all free, all it’s important to give is your effort and time. If the sound doesn’t enhance or it’s nonetheless missing one thing to your liking, then it may be the time to purchase a brand new one. Thanks for studying this text, I hope you realized one thing that you should use to enhance your listening expertise. Share this text for those who discover it useful.

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