5 Ways to Make Metallic and Pearlescent Paint With Mica Pigment Powder

5 Ways to Make Metallic and Pearlescent Paint With Mica Pigment Powder

5 Methods to Make Metallic and Pearlescent Paint With Mica Pigment Powder

I’ve used mica pigments for a few years for inventive functions. They’re cheaper and fewer poisonous than many different pigments.

Need a metallic coating? No worries!

Want a metallic coating? No worries!

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Mica Paint

Mica pigments are mineral-based powders in flat, flake-like types that give an iridescent shine. The mica pigments are really easy to disperse in nearly any medium that they’ll merely be stirred by hand normally. Producers reap the benefits of the pure pearlescent qualities of mica and so they modify them to make many various colours. Even so, they are often additional combined and modified to create the precise look you’re going for.

Mica pigments are utilized in artwork and inside design, cosmetics, automotive paint, and even soaps and toiletries. Their low worth, low toxicity, and ease of use imply they’re extensively obtainable on-line.

Find out how to Supply Mica Pigments

With all of the DIY insanity on the web, there definitely isn’t any scarcity of on-line distributors to supply mica pigments from. The secret is figuring out the place to look. The widest choice might be on the distributors that promote provides to creating cosmetics. Beauty suppliers will possible have not less than 100 totally different colours and the costs are cheaper than you may discover at an artist pigment provide store. Amazon or eBay are a certain wager as effectively. Steadily, I purchase 10-gram samples very inexpensively on eBay to check out a coloration.

Find out how to Make Paint With Mica Powder

On this article, I’ll talk about a number of choices that may efficiently produce a metallic iridescent paint in just about any medium. Mica pigments might be utilized as semI-opaque or almost fully clear coatings for multilayered depth results. The strategies to make metallic and pearlescent coatings are as follows:

  1. Merely mixing 2 or extra micas if totally different colours
  2. Including dry pigment powder to pearl white mica
  3. Tinting a coloured mica with common tints or pigment dispersions
  4. Including a pigment to interference mica
  5. Including artist paint

Methodology 1: Combine Two Totally different Mica Colours

The only methodology of creating special-color pearl paint is simply mixing two coloured micas collectively. This is identical as with all paint coloration, and a fundamental data of coloration principle applies right here. For instance, a blue mica and a purple mica ought to give a purple or violet mica, relying on the brightness and purity of the unique colours.

Color Theory With Mica

Colour Principle With Mica

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Methodology 2: Combine Dry Pigment Powder With Pearl White Mica

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White pearl mica is available in numerous grades. Some are very superb, iridescent pearl white powders. Different grades include slightly giant flakes with an enhanced shimmer. In any case, add a little bit of dry pigment powder to the pearl white pigment and completely mixing ends in a dry coloured mica prepared for any paint medium.

The most effective outcomes are obtained utilizing clear or translucent pigments. Opaque inorganic oxides can be utilized considerably however sparingly to stop lack of the iridescent property of mica pigments.

Methodology 3: Tint a Coloured Mica Pigment With Common Tint

Mica pigments are extensively obtainable in a seemingly countless array of colours. Generally, you’ll want to tweak the colour a bit for a sure look as an alternative of shopping for an entire different mica pigment. Common tints are concentrated colours with no paint binder which can be in liquid type and might be added to many coating mediums. Within the instance beneath, a slightly gentle purple mica is dispersed in alkyd tint base, and a violet Mixol tint is added drop-wise to create a darker, violet-based pearlescent purple paint.

Pearl Ex Mica Pigment and Mixol 11 Violet Universal Tint

Pearl Ex Mica Pigment and Mixol 11 Violet Common Tint

Jason Bosh

Pearl Ex Pigment in Alkyd Enamel Tinted with Violet Common Tint

Jason Bosh

Methodology 4: Add Pigment to Interference Mica

Interference micas are white micas with a skinny coating of tin oxide that bends gentle to create a shimmer of a selected coloration. The thickness of utilized layer determines what coloration is produced. These pigments “come to life“ when utilized over a black or darkish floor. Additionally, mixing a small quantity of a darkish coloured pigment has the identical impact. By including a coloration the same hue because the interference pigment, an enhanced pearlescent coloration is produced. Colours which can be complimentary to the interference pigment can produce attention-grabbing results.

Methodology 5: Add Artist Paint

Generally, a pigment dispersion or dry pigment could be an excessive amount of of a capital funding if you happen to simply need to barely modify the hue of a mica-based paint. Small tubes of acrylic or oil paints might be had cheaply and readily in any craft retailer.

NOTE: If you’re dealing with an oil-based or solvent-based metallic paint, it’s crucial that you simply confirm that the metallic pigment is NOT aluminum! Aluminum powder is totally opaque and any pigment or coloration you select so as to add will merely disappear. Don’t ask me how I discovered!


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Rebecca on July 21, 2020:

Thanks! That has actually helped. I had been ready for weeks for my 50g to reach by mail and was anxious it wouldn’t be sufficient however that may be spot on 5%.

Jason (writer) from Indianapolis, IN. USA on July 13, 2020:


As a sculptor, I’m fairly accustomed to mica pigments. So with that mentioned, I’ll give some ideas. If you’d like a clear to translucent metallic have an effect on, use 5% Or much less mica by weight to acrylic medium. For extra opaque metallic end I’d combine 12-16% mica pigment by weight. Additionally, you may bias your end with the same coloured base coat. Instance, utilizing a flat magenta base coat beneath shiny fuschia mica pigment. You might tone that fuchsia down through the use of a maroon base coat. Hope that helps!

Jason (writer) from Indianapolis, IN. USA on October 23, 2019:


It most definitely would. You want to take into account how you’ll usually paint plastic fashions. For water based mostly acrylics, you simply use a twig primer that bonds to plastic after which combine mica with acrylic emulsion medium and apply on primer. For solvent based mostly, you may add mica pigments to clear lacquer and spray. You may also be capable of add micas to mannequin paints if they aren’t too opaque. Just a little experimentation will aid you be taught. Oh, I’ve leaned myself. I ought to point out that white primer may want many coats of mica paint to cover it. You might choose a strong base coloration that matches the colour of your mica metallic paint otherwise you may attempt tinting the primer too.

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on October 23, 2019:

Very attention-grabbing. Do you assume this could work on plastic fashions? (I’m into mannequin railroading and might see a few of these finishes on a number of the vehicles and buildings.)

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