5 tips to make blood draws and infusions less painful

5 tips to make blood draws and infusions less painful

5 tricks to make blood attracts and infusions much less painful

IBD is an invisible illness. There’s a lot extra that goes on than some sassy bowels. In my ulcerative colitis journey, there have been some main ways in which the illness has stealthily infiltrated my life.

One is that I’ve to get medicine infused into my bloodstream each eight weeks for the remainder of my life. I’m on a biologic, and it’s put me into the deepest interval of remission I’ve ever been in. I’m so extremely grateful for it, however there’s much more that goes on behind the scenes.

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What strangers wouldn’t know is that for the longest time, it was extraordinarily painful to get the IV in place. I’ve tiny veins, and nurses and phlebotomists would have all the time had problem discovering them. I’d typically get poked a number of occasions, they usually’d should attempt once more as a result of the vein would collapse or just wouldn’t produce blood circulation. I’d have bruises for days—typically the bruises would keep till the subsequent infusion!

In case you have small veins and painful needle pokes, listed here are some tricks to make your veins pop:

– Keep heat. You possibly can gown in layers, and even ask your infusion nurse for a heat blanket or a hand hotter to position in your arm.

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– Do some mild train earlier than your infusion. Operating up the steps, leaping jacks, or pushups might help get your blood flowing.

– Chug water. The day earlier than and the day of your infusion, drink loads of water. This additionally helps make veins simpler to search out. Additionally, rising your sodium consumption the day earlier than your infusion will assist retain that water.

– If the nurses don’t already do that, ask them to make a tourniquet in your arm. Clenching and unclenching your fist or squeezing a stress ball could do the trick, as effectively.

– If all else fails, simply look away and have an informal dialog along with your nurse. Truthfully, typically a easy distraction is the best technique to get it over with.

The purpose is: experiment with completely different strategies to search out one which works finest for you. Each state of affairs is exclusive and everybody’s veins are completely different; it might take some trial and error.

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Simply by me, nobody would guess that I’ve had bruises on my arms and arms from getting poked so many occasions so typically. Nobody would know that I’ve needed to excellent methods to get needles inserted in my arm to get pumped with a life-saving medicine each different month. Nevertheless it’s all been price it as a result of, lastly, I’m in remission.

IBD is way more than an intestinal illness. It’s an invisible sickness with sneaky, stealthy signs that nobody would discover until we determine to share them.

And I select to share my story as a result of AWARENESS → FUNDING → RESEARCH → CURES!

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